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You Can Know the One True God

Many people talk about knowing God, but where do you start? First…you must be spiritually alive.

Man died spiritually in the Garden of Eden. Sin left Adam and Eve—and everyone born since—with a black void inside. Because Man is body, soul and spirit, and because his spirit is, since Eden, without God (the only One who can fill the void), Man is broken, unwell, and at war with his Creator. He is lost. This is the state of the “natural man,” Pastor Adrian Rogers says, and in this state, knowing God and growing closer to Him, is impossible.

Thankfully, the moment Man severed his relationship with his Creator, God instituted a plan to redeem all those who want to know Him—a plan to bring spiritual life to Man by getting Himself back into Man. This plan is the Gospel, revealed from Genesis through Revelation in God’s Word, the Bible, and revealed bodily in the crucified, risen and soon-coming Christ. Through the Gospel, God invites us not only to know Him but also to grow as close as we desire. He beckons us into a relationship that is supremely fulfilling, eternally unbroken and infinitely deep. He comes to dwell with us and in us. He comes to bring us wholeness, wellness, purpose and peace.

As Pastor Rogers says, we can all have...

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"Study the Bible to know about God. Obey the Bible to really know God."

Adrian Rogers

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Do you ever find yourself questioning everything about what you thought you believed? Or maybe you are wondering what Christianity is really all about?

Our culture teaches us to question everything. Asking questions about why you believe what you believe is the first step in making your faith stronger. It is possible to know the Truth. God gave us His unchanging Word; His Word has all the important answers and it can be trusted.

With your questions answered, you can begin living the Christian life with confidence—standing firm in your faith and sharing Jesus with others. You can become an exclamation point instead of a question mark!

“If you would know God’s way, you’d better know God’s Word.”

Adrian Rogers

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