Resources for Evangelism Training

In partnership with Evangelism Explosion, we are here to help you be successful in sharing your faith! During this online course, you will be learning the basics of how to share your faith with confidence. This free course has seven sections and includes videos, quizzes, action steps, and discussion prompts. Take it alone or get a group to sign up with you!

*You will be asked to sign in to or create a Pathwright account when you start the course. This is not the same as your account on our website.

Take the Course

Want to Create a Cohort for Your Church?

Pastor Greg Addison led his church members to deepen their walk with Christ by stepping into personal evangelism by promoting the LWF Evangelism Training course. More than 150 of the church’s 400 adults participated in training—that’s 40 percent!

Additional Resources

Need ideas to ease into spiritual conversations with others? Find some here!

Read this booklet on Evangelism for extra information on how to share your faith with others, based on sermons by Adrian Rogers.

To help you or someone who is a new Christ-follower, we have put together the First Steps Collection to help get you started and grow as a Christian. Request yours below!

A 25-pack of pocket-size conversation starters to use with friends and family who need to know Jesus and answer their most important question once and for all: God really does love each of us!

Go to our Share Your Faith page for messages, questions and answers, and other ways to get prepared for sharing your faith.