An Online Course for Dealing with Emotions

Guilt. Stress. Inferiority. Bitterness. Negative emotions can surely turn out the lights on your happiness. Not only can they take life from your years, they can also take years from your life. Coping with hostilities, competition, financial stress, family demands, traffic jams, health problems, violence, and crime puts staggering demands on fragile emotions.

But there is hope. The Bible is deeply spiritual and intensely practical and it has much to say about our emotions. There is truth in God’s Word that no one knows—apart from God’s Word—about how to deal with how you feel.

In this free course, you will find four lessons, accompanied by videos, Scripture readings, quizzes, and discussion questions. Our prayer is that the material you consume will impact the way you deal with your negative emotions. Take it alone or get a group to sign up with you!

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