Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection

Transcripts Sorted by Book of the Bible

This page was designed with pastors' research in mind. Have you ever asked, "Did Adrian Rogers preach on this chapter in Romans?" or "Are there messages that could help me with what I am preaching this Sunday?" We hope you can find what you are looking for here. 

Each book of the Bible listed, when clicked on, will deliver you a downloadable PDF that connects Adrian Rogers' sermons to the book of the Bible they originated from. There are even multiple formats of transcripts for messages he preached more than once! Browse the books of the Bible we have listed and download the PDF linked to each book in order to find a complete list of transcripts related to that book. 

These transcript collections can be a major asset to your research. As a "pastor to pastors," Adrian Rogers would always say, "If the bullet fits your gun, you can shoot it." He encouraged original sermons, but also offered insight and transcripts to aid pastors in their sermon preparation.