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Do You Believe in Miracles?

If you believe in God and believe the words of the Bible, then you should believe in miracles. ...


You Are Spiritually Gifted

God has given you a spiritual gift and He wants you to use it for His glory!...


Have You Believed Satan's Lies About God?

Anybody can tell a lie—yet not be a good liar. But Satan is a craftsman when it comes to telling lies. The cleverest lies always sound most like the truth....


Conquer or Die, But Not Retreat

Are you already intimidated before you've even begun the fight? The devil wants you to cower in fear, but God wants you to walk in victory. ...


Tell The Devil Who You Are

Where should you give your testimony? You should give your testimony to the devil....


Satan Cannot Conquer the World

We need to understand that the only way you can overcome Satan in this day and age is through the blood of Jesus Christ. ...


There Are No Free Pardons

When we sin, we sin against God. Heaven has sued us for damages....


God Teaches Us to Share

Husbands should not treat their wives as a possession. Rather, their wives are a part of themselves....


Two Funerals and One Wedding

So many people misinterpret the Biblical model of marriage....


The Sacred Family Altar

If you try to make your major teaching when your family gathers to worship at a family altar, then your children will feel like worship is just another time for class. Let your family altar be a sacred time for worship and prayer....

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