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Do Not Forsake Going to Church

As important as this ministry is, it is no substitute for church attendance....


Satan Wants to Discourage You

I believe that discouragement is the devil’s chief tool....


Is God Fair?

We can never plead for mercy until we understand the justice of God....


Acknowledge Your Sins To Be Forgiven

Not until we admit our sin are we going to know the mercy and the forgiveness of The King....


Facing Ridicule For God

And if you do work for God, you might as well get ready. You’re going to face some ridicule....


Does God Demand Our Perfection?

We are saved by grace, not by keeping the Ten Commandments....


You Are to Confront a Brother

Whether you are in the right or in the wrong, you are to be the first to respond....


Jesus Will Be Your Bread for Tomorrow

I know that Jesus will be my bread, my sufficiency, for tomorrow! ...


Have You Learned to Be Content?

If you have not learned to be content in whatsoever state you find yourself in, you will never be content....


When God Gives Up On People

What happens when a nation turns from God?...

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