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Satan Wants to Deceive You

Satan does not want casualties, he wants converts. Satan wants worship....


The Contradictions of Alcohol

People start out drinking for happiness; then it only makes them unhappy....


The Problem with Alcohol

If alcohol were like any other plague bringing death and destruction, everyone in the entertainment industry would be doing everything they could to stop it!...


Christians are to Season the Earth

Most people in America live bland lives. As Christians, we should be contributing to the Earth – bringing joy, light, and hope to all. ...


We are the Salt

God has even given me a new name, just like sodium and chloride together get the new name, salt. ...


Intellectuals and Belief in God

Out of all of the secular professional groups, do you know what professional group has the highest number of believers in God? The astronomers....


Men’s Capacity for Depravity

Even animals do not have sexual perversion like we have among men....


Our Rule Over Animals

God gave man dominion over animals....


Use Not Vain Repetitions

It’s not the language of prayer, nor the length of prayer, but the heart of prayer that moves God. ...


Do Not Pray to Be Seen

Jesus is not opposed to public prayer at all. What Jesus is opposed to is praying to be seen or heard by men....

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