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You Need God's Wisdom

There is a difference between wisdom and knowledge. There are some things you cannot learn from experience. You must ask for God's wisdom....


Do You Desire Wisdom?

If God were to ask you what you want Him to do for you, what would you ask Him?...


Problem of The Heart

The problem of sin is in the human heart....


The Beauty and Adornment of Serenity

What is it that can get more and more beautiful every day? It is the spirit—that which is on the inside....


A Godly Husband Leads By Love

Has Jesus Christ ever forced you do anything? Christ leads with love.  A wise husband lead his wife in the same way Christ leads you - by love.  ...


Somebody Has to Call the Plays

God has ordained that there be headship in the family. Someone has to be in charge and make the decisions. ...


Submission is Not Inferiority

Men and women are equal in standing, worth and value, but they have different roles in the home. ...


To Believe is to Trust

What does it mean to believe? It means to quit trying and simply trust in the Lord Jesus....


You Cannot Save Yourself

Stop trying to work for your salvation. Jesus did all of the work over 2,000 years ago. ...


Trust God With Your Money

If you can’t trust God with your finances, how is God going to trust you with true spiritual riches?...

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