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You Cannot Achieve Perfection

If you get the idea that God is going to accept you on the basis of your performance, then you will never know when and if you have done enough....


God’s Grace for Us

Grace is given at great cost to the Giver....


God Loved You First

Do you know what the Bible is? It is God's love letter to you....


We Are Only Saved by God’s Grace

There is nothing that liberates you from a life of sin like God’s amazing grace....


You Have to Yield

You must choose. You can’t do it without Him. He will not do it without you. You must yield....


Are You on Fire for God?

I wish my life could burn for God like the burning bush that Moses encountered -- and keep on burning....


The True Gospel is Jesus

You’re not saved by the plan of salvation, but by the Man of salvation....


How Do We Know the Gospel is True?

How can we tell whether or not God’s Word is the True Gospel? There are three tests we can use. ...


We Are Not of This World

Christians are twice-born people in a world of once-born people....


Are You a Friend or Enemy of the Almighty God?

Any friend of Jesus is going to be an enemy of the world. Any friend of the world is an enemy of the Lord Jesus Christ....

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