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Can You Trust God?

When you are down, do you have a hard time trusting God?...


We Need To Restore Other Christians

God is the God of second chances. Do you know somebody who has been overtaken with a fault? The Bible says you are to restore him....


Man's Word Means Absolutely Nothing

We have come to a day when a man’s word means absolutely nothing. Men lie, cheat, and break covenants too easily. The only promises we can trust are God's promises....


Jesus Will Return to Judge the World

As it was in the days of Noah, it is going to be just before Jesus returns....


Use Grace to Build the Home

We need to put the sweet grace of God in what we do and how we live....


We Are Saved By Grace

How does God show us grace? By saving us apart from any effort on our part. ...


Jesus is Our Security

If people don’t believe in security on Earth, how are they going to believe in security in Heaven? ...


Jesus is the Ark of Safety

In Christ, we are sealed by the Holy Spirit of God. It is also in Jesus that we know God the Father. Jesus is our connection to all Persons of the Trinity....


God Wants You to Have Vision and Valor

What kind of person does God want you to be? He is looking for a certain type of person to use for His glory!...


Do Not Be Afraid

Fear suits you for failure. Faith suits you for triumph. Fear and faith cannot dwell in the same heart. Either fear will subdue faith or faith will triumph over fear....

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