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Marriage Requires Love and Sacrifice

A man willing to die for his wife shows it by the way that he lives for his wife....


Religion is Satan’s Chief Tool

You need to understand that Satan is not against religion. His chief tool is religion....



Are You In Financial Captivity?

God wants to deliver you from financial bondage....



God's View Of Money

How can you be a good steward of what God has given you?...


Godly People Should Raise Children

God’s people are the ones who ought to be bringing a godly seed into this world and raising up children....


Your Child Needs to Be Disciplined

Even when rebellion happens in the earliest ages, there is the restraint of parental training that is put in the heart of children....


God Teaches Us to Work Together

Friend, we can do more together than any one of us can do by himself....


God’s Will for You

Get alone, fix your focus on a plan, and find the will of God for your life!...


God’s Word is Current

Any child of God can open the Bible and know more about what is going on in this world than everyone of power put together. We do not need others to give us answers. We just need God and His Word....


You Do Not Act Humble

When God asks us to be humble, He does not mean that He wants us to fake humility or pretend to be something we're not. We need to be natural, not hypocritical. ...

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