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Broadcast Schedule

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On television in November:


The Decisions of the Living and the Destiny of the Dead


When God Says No


The Grace of Giving


What to Do When You Don't Feel Thankful

On radio in November:

11/04 Is It Really Just a Small, Small World? Genesis 13:10-19:29
11/05 The New Age Genesis 3:1-6
11/07 Who is the Man Called Jesus Christ Acts 10:34
11/11 Countdown in the Holy Land Daniel 9:24
11/13 The Bible and Animal Rights Genesis 1:26
11/15 The Coming Kingdom of Christ Genesis 10-11
11/19 What's Wrong with Gambling Acts 19:21-32
11/21 Why I Am Pro-Life Isaiah 5:20
11/22 The High Cost of Low Living 2 Samuel 11:1-5
11/26 Evolution: Fact or Fiction 1 Timothy 6:20
11/28 To Be Like Jesus 2 Corinthians 3:18