What We're Hearing...

At Love Worth Finding, we are passionate about bringing people to Christ and maturing them in the faith. Every person that discovers Jesus or grows in their faith is a victory for us. We are blessed to be a part of each person's spiritual journey. Below is just a portion of what we hear from you every day. God is still moving!

"I love the help and information you send out. I feel like I am being helped, guided, mentored on the most important journey of my life."


"I appreciate that Adrian Rogers always encourages you to read the Word for yourself and not just take his word for it... Thank you so much for all you do at Love Worth Finding Ministries in getting Pastor Rogers messages out for young adults (of the Z Generation) like me! I pray the Lord will bless you for your services!"

~Katie Ann

"I listen to Adrian Rogers as I travel to my grandchildren each week. These gospel messages help draw me closer to my Lord and strengthen me for the battle."


"When I get to Heaven, after enjoying the Lord, the first person I want to meet is Adrian Rogers. I have hundreds of his sermons, some almost memorized. His explanation of God's Word has transformed my thinking and behavior. I also use it in teaching Sunday School."


"The Lord brought me to LWF and I am changed. Because of the Word of God, through the "line by line" "precept by precept" teaching of Adrian Rogers, I am a new women in my Lord Jesus Christ."


"For me, at 72, LWF is Adrian Rogers. I believe him, trust him and learn so much!"


"I have listened to Pastor Rogers for so many years now, I feel he's part of my family. I love his practical application of Biblical truths & his faithful adherence to God's Word."


"Adrian Rogers is the best preacher!!! His sermons help me every day, they have helped me to study and learn the Bible. He has taught me to not be ashamed of Jesus and to share the Love of Christ!"