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My LWF Story


Your personal story can be meaningful and encouraging to others who have not yet to come to know Jesus, or who face battles similar to yours. Won’t you please share with us how you were impacted by Love Worth Finding? Simply complete the form below and click “Submit.” We often select stories to be shared throughout the Love Worth Finding community, and always will protect your privacy. God bless you!

Other LWF Stories

Meet An Unlikely Pair: Rachel & Charlie


Charlie is a hard worker with a big love for God, limited resources, and no Internet. Rachel is a hard worker with that same God-love, a bicycle, and, importantly, Internet access. Charlie is 50, full of life experience and wisdom. He likes to talk. Rachel is 24, full of ideas and enthusiasm. She likes to read.

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Meet Cathy Allen

The phone rang. My doctor was calling after a routine appointment, asking me to come back. Her news shook my world. Deep down, I knew God was getting my attention.

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Meet Bobby Lewis

Life in church began for me even before I was born. My mom was Bellevue’s pianist. My dad even helped start Bellevue’s television ministry in 1958, the year I was born. From before birth I was surrounded by music, church—and media. In college, I studied IT and, at one point, God graciously allowed me to use this background to serve in several areas at Bellevue.

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Meet Dr. Mark Castellaw

My days are spent going from room to room, seeing patients. Like most doctors, my office is busy. Handing my nurse a chart, I turned to enter the next room, took the chart from the door holder and glanced at the name. “ROGERS.” Didn't think much about it, but as I opened the door, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see Adrian Rogers. It caught me by surprise. “Oh my goodness, what's Adrian Rogers doing seeing me?”

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Meet Vanessa

From the cab of our 18-wheeler, the Rockies sped past. December on Colorado highways filled every window with beauty. But something more beautiful was taking place in my heart.

My name is Vanessa Shepherd, and this is my story.

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