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One morning I was driving, thinking about all my problems. I started praying, then felt like listening to Christian radio. Adrian Rogers was preaching about believing and trusting God. I felt like God spoke to me through this message. It was a blessing.


We love hearing Adrian Rogers preaching the holy word of God, He's a practical and easy to understand preacher. He is so down to earth and says the good news of the gospel with such love and truth.


"Prior to moving to Oklahoma, I never had an interest in a relationship with Jesus, God or even wanting to know anything about religion. Within the past 3 months or so, I discovered a local radio station that did more teaching of the truth, and it just clicked. I began my relationship with Jesus and I want it to grow more and more every day. Mr. Rogers, you are now one of the few pastors I embrace and look forward to learning more from. Thank you for doing what you do and making a positive impact on my life and the life of my family. I'm still learning, but I know when I make a mistake, I can ask Jesus for forgiveness and learn from his wisdom.


Just a note of encouragement. I truly feel the famine of the Word up here. But thank God for you and your daily devotionals by email! And your website. I did not know how blessed I was hearing Dr. Adrian Rogers (my favorite preacher of all time) and others...until I had to live without them. I've been searching every book I ever ordered from you guys and every cassette tape in the things we brought out here in the wilderness (truly, where we live) of Montana. People here don't even have TV unless they get a satellite dish because we are 100 miles each way from a city. I am now starting to attend a Bible class at a small town church here, and I realize I have a lot to contribute, first thanks to GOD and then to all of you with the incredible resources you have. I realize these people did not have the privilege, as I did, of having Christian Radio and TV for as long as I did. God blessed me greatly, and I stored it in my heart. I am just thanking you all for the work you do. I love the Daily Devotionals and email certain ones to friends and loved ones. Keep up the good work and the faith.


I wish to praise the Lord for Dr. Rogers’ daily Bible study messages. Our world desperately needs these messages as we see the Rapture drawing ever near. My prayer is that the Word of God will continue to go forth and lives be changed.


I was having panic attacks on a nightly basis. They became so bad I could not sleep. I sought my doctor’s advice, and he gave me a mild sleeping aid. When the prescription ran out, I really started to panic. I knew God would get me through this through prayer and digging into His Word. Something inside told me to google powerful sermons. I had never heard of LWF or Dr. Rogers. I began to listen to his sermons on a nightly basis. I put on my headphones, click on a sermon and within 20 minutes, I fall asleep hearing and meditating on the Word of God through Dr. Rogers. GOD is so good. My panic attacks are no more!


I want to thank you for Adrian Rogers’ messages. His way of teaching God's word and instruction has helped me so much, it changed my life. The daily e-mail devotions even helped me out of postpartum depression. Truly, it was in those devotionals, and each day it was as though it was written only for me. They were precise and specific to my struggle out of that dark place I was in, so much so...I knew without doubt Jesus was right there with me, patiently guiding me out of trouble.