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Every day, LWF is blessed to receive stories of lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. Here are some stories we have been able to highlight. We are encouraged by how God is moving in the lives of others and are blessed to be able to share these God stories with you.

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On a Tuesday Evening in Indianapolis…

Meet Grover.  He may be homeless now, but he knows where his eternal home is and lives on the streets intentionally to share the hope of Jesus with those who will listen. Listening to Adrian Rogers on the radio sparked a relationship with Jehovah God and a love for God's Word that burns brightly today!

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Not Just Another Social Media Voice

Why are thousands of people following Gayle Rogers Foster on Facebook?

Her secret sauce is not in her inspirational posts, her speaking engagements, or her family heritage. People follow Gayle because Gayle follows Jesus.

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Moon Port Pastor

LWF is pleased to introduce a new biography of Adrian Rogers from pastor and historian Dr. Phil Kramer. Titled “Moon Port Pastor,” the book chronicles Pastor Rogers’ explosive presence in Merritt Island from 1964-1972 alongside the trajectory of the Apollo space program. According to Dr. Kramer, his platform as the “Moon Port Pastor” gave him a launchpad not only for leadership in his denomination but also for sharing the Gospel message with an ever-widening audience.

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On Miracles

Meet Olivia and Deb.  This picture, taken on December 7, 2023, was a miracle celebration for Olivia and an answer to prayer for Deb and her husband, Don.  On this day, they found out Livy had been released by her neurosurgeon! Her healing was truly a miracle story for their family. But, as Deb shares, "Our greatest miracle (and yours too) was set into motion in millennia past; it is the greatest story ever told."

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Arkansas Congregation Takes Great Commission Seriously

Pastor Greg Addison led his church members to deepen their walk with Christ by stepping into personal evangelism by promoting the LWF Evangelism Training course.  More than 150 of the church’s 400 adults participated in training—that’s 40 percent!

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