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Every day, LWF is blessed to receive stories of lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. Here are some stories we have been able to highlight. We are encouraged by how God is moving in the lives of others and are blessed to be able to share these God stories with you.

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The Linzeys

Members of the Ron and Tanya Linzey family of Mountain Ranch, California, focus on the whole Word of God all year long. The Linzeys, who have 16 children, celebrate a holiday season that stretches from October 31, which they affectionately call “Harvest Day,” through Easter.

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Dr. Mark Castellaw

My days are spent going from room to room, seeing patients. Like most doctors, my office is busy. Handing my nurse a chart, I turned to enter the next room, took the chart from the door holder and glanced at the name. “ROGERS.” Didn't think much about it, but as I opened the door, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see Adrian Rogers. It caught me by surprise. “Oh my goodness, what's Adrian Rogers doing seeing me?”

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Norman Kahlberg

It was Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, 1980, and Norman Kahlberg wanted nothing more than to be “at one” with his Heavenly Father. Like others among his family and friends, he had set this day aside for fasting and other religious restrictions.

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“Living the Life” in God’s Grace

This is a story of redemption. It is for those who think they’re too young or too old, too new to the faith or too damaged by sin, to be used of God. It is a story of friendship, discipleship, and ministry partnership born of the Spirit’s leading. It is a story that will encourage you about the next generation of believers and challenge you to go all out for the Gospel regardless of where you are in the race.

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Champions in Chains Encourage Others

When the Apostle Paul wrote of being “in chains for Christ” in Philippians 1:12, he thanked God for his imprisonment in Rome. “Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel,” Paul said.

One of our brothers in Christ who corresponds regularly with Love Worth Finding, says the same of the believers he works with in prison ministry.

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