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LWF Stories of Faith

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Please share with us how you have been impacted by Love Worth Finding. Complete the form below and click “Submit” to send us your story. We often select stories to be shared throughout our LWF community, and always will protect your privacy if desired. God bless you!

THEIR Stories of Faith

Every day, LWF is blessed to receive stories of lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. Here are some of our favorites.  

Meet Vanessa

From the cab of our 18-wheeler, the Rockies sped past. December on Colorado highways filled every window with beauty. But something more beautiful was taking place in my heart.

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Meet Al Da Silva

“This was the week I was considering using drugs,” I told myself. You’d think a young boy in a mountain town in Brazil wouldn’t be getting into trouble. But I’d fallen in with the wrong crowd...

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Meet Gary Holland

I picked up my desk phone and glanced at the list of names I’d been given. I prayed God would use me. What would this caller tell me? 

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