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THEIR Stories of Faith

Every day, LWF is blessed to receive stories of lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. Here are some of our favorites.  

Meet Mandy Vaughan

When you’re struggling, and in our case, it was people saying things that were untrue, your mind goes in circles. Everything you’ve ever been through, every hurt, every past problem, is magnified. And you’re asking, "why is this happening?" You can get stuck in a vicious cycle. And that’s what feels so hopeless

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Meet Thomas McFann

Eventually I came to the point where I realized I’m not doing all of this work for myself. Whatever I choose to do I wanted to do it for the glory of God. The Lord can give me a joy and a passion that will translate into the way I live and the things I accomplish will give me a unique platform to share Christ.

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Meet Barry Meguiar

The most important reason to get in the game, of course, is that God will blow the final whistle; we haven’t a moment to lose.

“I totally believe there is going to be an outpouring, a revival in these last days,” Meguiar says, even though church attendance is shrinking and looks like the farthest thing from revival. Where the game will get interesting, Meguiar says, is outside the church walls.

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Meet Greg Addison

It was a night of blessing in 2002, the last Sunday night before Greg Addison would leave for his first senior pastorate in Arkansas. Hands had been laid. Prayers had been prayed. And now Greg and his wife, Janet, and their two young children, Grant and Mabry, shared the privilege of dinner with Adrian and Joyce Rogers.

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Meet Terry and Becki Brimhall

Terry and Becki Brimhall (then Becki Buckelew) were in their early twenties when they got serious about Jesus. Each had come to Him as believers at age 11, but now they were young adults dating each other and attending a service in 1980 at which Dr. Adrian Rogers had just given an invitation.

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