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Every day, LWF is blessed to receive stories of lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. Here are some of our favorites.  

Karl and Kay Wilson

Karl and Kay Wilson, who have chosen pseudonyms so the glory of their lives will be God’s alone, met the Lord and each other through Adrian Rogers and Love Worth Finding. Theirs is a story of late-blooming love, long-time service, and what promises to be a lasting legacy.

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Don Abernethy

Take a little excursion with LWF partner Don Abernethy as he travels with the voice of Adrian Rogers as his companion. 

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The Linzeys

Ron and Tanya Linzey, their 16 children, their son-in-law, and now their first grandchild, focus on the whole Word of God all year long. The Linzeys’ holiday season stretches from October 31, which they affectionately call “Harvest Day,” through Easter.

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Karla's Eyes

What does real love look like? Find out through the eyes of Karla Eilert, who left a message of hope, love, and truth to the world before she died.

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Blake Krumalis

A calm and caring response from Pastor Adrian Rogers, displayed during a stressful time, was all Blake Krumalis needed to be wooed to church, introduced to Jesus, discipled, and pointed toward a life of faithful service.

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