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LWF Stories of Faith

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Please share with us how you have been impacted by Love Worth Finding. Complete the form below and click “Submit” to send us your story. We often select stories to be shared throughout our LWF community, and always will protect your privacy if desired. God bless you!

THEIR Stories of Faith

Every day, LWF is blessed to receive stories of lives transformed by the Gospel of Jesus. Here are some of our favorites.  

Meet Mr. C

Love Worth Finding offers a Biblical training certificate program for incarcerated believers using Dr. Adrian Rogers’ Back to the Basics series. Here’s how it works for one dedicated volunteer.

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Meet Brandon Clark

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Meet Brandi Hayes

“How on earth am I going to tell my family and friends I got saved?” This thought whirled through Brandi Hayes’ mind. Even though she had found peace with God, she struggled revealing the fact that ultimately, even though she was very faithful at church, she didn’t have peace about her relationship with Jesus.

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Meet Mandy Vaughan

When you’re struggling, and in our case, it was people saying things that were untrue, your mind goes in circles. Everything you’ve ever been through, every hurt, every past problem, is magnified. And you’re asking, "why is this happening?" You can get stuck in a vicious cycle. And that’s what feels so hopeless

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Meet Thomas McFann

Eventually I came to the point where I realized I’m not doing all of this work for myself. Whatever I choose to do I wanted to do it for the glory of God. The Lord can give me a joy and a passion that will translate into the way I live and the things I accomplish will give me a unique platform to share Christ.

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