Scripture Writing Plans

"Study with pen in hand..." - Pastor Adrian Rogers

Writing Scripture can be one of the easiest ways to focus on the Lord and His Word. For less than 10 minutes a day, we encourage you to take one of these Scripture Writing Plans and really focus on that day's specific passage. There are several options. Which plan will you start with?

Adrian Rogers said, “The weakest ink is better than the best memory. Study with pen in hand.”

Grab your pen and Bible and get into the Word of God!


You Can Be Sure of Your Salvation

You have given your heart to Jesus Christ, but sometimes your natural anxieties and insecurities or the enemy of your soul cause you to doubt. Spend 30 days writing Scripture that reminds you of God’s forever love and of your place in His heart.

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Family & Parenting

Praying Parent

Are you trying to pray more for your children? These scriptures will help you keep your mind on God's best for your family. Start writing today!

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Digging Deeper with Discipleship

The Bible has a lot to say about discipleship, but why is it truly important? Jesus' last command to His disciples was to "go and make disciples." We are to continue modeling that today. Download this plan to dig deeper with discipleship!

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Writing the Prophecies of Jesus

Spend the next 30 days saturating yourself in Scripture that will strengthen your faith as you visit the prophecies regarding the Messiah alongside passages documenting the fulfillment of those prophecies in Jesus Christ.

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A Grateful Heart

God calls all believers to be grateful in all things. We believe that a heart that is thankful is a heart that looks more like Jesus Christ. With Thanksgiving approaching, this Scripture Writing Plan will be perfect to center your heart around thankfulness this November.

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A Growing Heart

Spiritual growth should be a priority for every follower of Christ. We encourage you to keep growing in your relationship with Him and aim to look more and more like Him daily. This Scripture Writing Plan includes 30 verses about growing in your spiritual walk with Christ.

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Spiritual Warfare

Victory in Jesus

Spend the next 30 days saturating yourself in Scripture that will prove to you that you’ve been given every spiritual resource you need to be more than a conqueror as you live the Christian life.

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Sharing the Gospel

When you have good news, you want to share it. Do you have a desire to share the good news of Jesus Christ -- the Gospel? Many verses in the Bible discuss the necessity of this action. Start this Scripture Writing Plan to read each Scripture for yourself!

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End Times

Living for Jesus in the Last Days

As you write out these 30 Scriptures, may you be reassured that God is always on time. He wants us to share His love with others and find peace and rest in His promises as we await His coming. Let us not anxiously analyze the events, but trustingly obey the Lord.

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Ten Commandments

Teaching the Ten Commandments

God’s Ten Commandments will strengthen your family, but you must learn and teach them. Spend the next 30 days writing and memorizing this perfect set of commands along with Scripture that shows you how to teach these commands to your children and grandchildren.

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