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You Are a Gifted Child July 19, 2019

According to the Word of God, if you are saved, then you are a gifted child! God has given you a spiritual gift. Find out what it is and how to have it. Downloadable Resources These resources are now available in multiple formats. You c...

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You Are Somebody in His Body July 12, 2019

You are somebody very important! The church is the Body of Christ and He is the head. And as His children, we are members in that body. Don't feel useless, unwanted, unnecessary and unloved -- God wants to use you! Downloadable Resources ...

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Will God Impeach America? July 5, 2019

God blessed America is sick unto death! Do you want God to hear from heaven and heal our land? Join Adrian Rogers as he looks at the nation Israel in Psalm 80 and you will see why God is America’s biggest threat and our only hope. Download...

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Redeeming Love June 28, 2019

Years before Jesus ever walked the sandy shores Of Galilee, God gave us a classic example of His redeeming love. The key word is “redemption” and is used in this one chapter at least 15 times. Adrian Rogers discusses three of the pictures o...

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Five Ways to Draw Closer to Jesus June 21, 2019

We want an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, don’t we? We want more than redemption, we want a relationship. Listen as Adrian Rogers discusses 5 ways to draw closer to Jesus. Downloadable Resources These resources are now ...

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Dads Who Shoot Straight June 14, 2019

Satan has unleashed an all-out war on the family. Dads are to be the mighty warriors and children are arrows in the hand of the father. When dads learn to shoot straight, the kids are going to hit the mark. Listen and learn how you can shoo...

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God's Amazing Grace June 7, 2019

How can we live in victory over sin? How can we overcome the guilt and fears of the past? How do we love as Christ loved? It's all about understanding God's amazing grace. In this eight message series from Adrian Rogers, a deepening of that...

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Worthy of the Lamb May 24, 2019

Jesus Christ is the only One worthy of your love, your life, and your all. You will never know true fulfillment or understand why God created you, until you come to worship the One who is worthy. Revelation reveals the true majesty of this ...

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