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Matthew 5:10-13

How to Prepare for Persecution Outline, Transcript and Legacy Collection

According to Scripture, becoming a genuine Christian means facing some kind of persecution. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares how we can prepare for persecution, so that we don’t conform to his world.


Ephesians 5:22-24

A Magnificent Marriage Outline and Legacy Collection

Marriage is meant to be a wonderful thing. Yet many of us have experienced miserable or mediocre marriages. But through His Word, God has given us directions to develop a magnificent marriage. In this message from Ephesians 5, Adrian Rogers explains the specific roles of husbands and wives in a God-honoring marriage.


Exodus 33:12-14

Knowing the Ways of God Outline and Legacy Collection

There are two ways we can be acquainted with God: we can know His works (what He does) or go deeper and understand His ways (who He is). In this message, Adrian Rogers explains how to know the ways of God, and what that knowledge means for us.


Titus 2:1-5

The Magnificence of Motherhood Outline and Legacy Collection

God Almighty created and sanctioned the home to be the sweetest place on Earth. Yet there is a satanic war on marriage, specifically on motherhood. In this message, Adrian Rogers reminds us of the magnificence of motherhood, and how it is the highest calling women could ever receive.


Exodus 20:12

How to Be the Child of a Happy Mother Outline and Legacy Collection

Following God’s command to honor our parents is how we can be children of happy mothers. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares four ways we bring honor to our parents, and in turn, honor our heavenly Father.


Genesis 1:27

How to Prepare Kids for Marriage Outline and Legacy Collection

Marriage is the most vital and meaningful human relationship we could ever enter into; yet it seems obtaining a marriage license is the most flippant, accessible process to date. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares how we can properly prepare our kids for marriage, the highest human relationship to which we could ever commit.


Deuteronomy 5:18

What Fathers Should Teach Their Children About Sex Outline and Legacy Collection

Deuteronomy 5:18 states that we should not commit adultery, yet our world has mainstreamed sexual immorality; by all appearances, it will only get worse. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares what Scripture says about moral purity, and what fathers should teach their children about sex.


Hebrews 11:23-27

Beware the Kidnapper Outline and Legacy Collection

Every day, our children’s minds, allegiance, love and souls are being snatched away by the great kidnapper, Satan. We cannot ignore this present danger. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares the great kidnapper’s four points of attack and encourages us to raise our children by faith.


Psalm 127

Home on the Rock Outline and Legacy Collection

Our homes are not happenstances; they comprise supreme relationships and require unconditional commitment. Jesus Christ holds the keys to a fruitful home. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares four insights from Psalm 127 to help us build our homes on the Rock, so they will last.


Titus 2:11

Living in the Light of the Blessed Hope Outline, Transcript and Legacy Collection

In these increasingly dark days, we may wonder if there is hope for us. As believers, we can live in the light of the blessed hope that Jesus Christ is coming again. In this message, Adrian Rogers describes what this hope means for us, as we anticipate Christ’s return.

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