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Having Strong Faith August 2, 2018

John 4:46-54 (RA-22450, Program: 3118, Air date: 08.05.18) INTRODUCTION In our economy, the dollar is the medium of exchange; but in the Kingdom of Heaven, faith is the medium of exchange. Matthew 9:29 Hebrews 11:6 Not only do...

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Possessing Your Possessions July 24, 2018

Numbers 13:30-31 (RA-2473, Program: 3018, Air date: 07.29.18) INTRODUCTION In Christ, we have all the love, patience, joy, peace, wisdom and faith that we need. Many of us live unsatisfied lives because we have never received the ...

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The One True God July 19, 2018

Isaiah 6:1-8 (RA-2312, Program: 2918, Air date: 07.22.18) INTRODUCTION There is only one true God. Jeremiah 2:11 There are many things about God that we cannot understand. But we don’t have to understand God in order to kn...

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Financial Faithfulness July 12, 2018

" Luke 16:1-13 (RA-2441, Program: 2818, Air date: 07.15.18) INTRODUCTION (Luke 16:1-13) What we do with our finances is an index of our faithfulness to God. Money is only a test of our faith. Money itself is not evil. God made...

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Learning To Share Jesus June 25, 2018

" Psalm 126:5-6 (RA-2437, Program: 2718, Air date: 07.08.18) INTRODUCTION One way we can know that our relationship with Jesus is real is that we have a desire to share our faith with others. We’re told not merely to keep the fai...

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When God Cleans House June 25, 2018

" Matthew 21: 12-16 (RA-2480, Program: 2618, Air date: 07.01.18) INTRODUCTION You are God’s House: He lives in you. Acts 17:24 The Old Testament temple was only a pattern for the believer. These things have a spiritu...

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People God Uses June 21, 2018

" People God Uses Hebrews 11:32-34; Judges 6:11-26, 7:2-15 (RA-2406, Program: 2518, Air date: 06.24.18) INTRODUCTION (Hebrews 11:32-34) Gideon was a champion of the faith. Will it matter that we ever lived? Will we leave a v...

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Marriage Is From Heaven June 14, 2018

" Ephesians 5:21-33 (RA-2077, Program: 2418, Air date: 06.17.18) INTRODUCTION The reason we have so many failed marriages today is because we have thrown away God’s original plan for marriage and the home. Pastor and author Stu W...

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A Dress Rehearsal For Calvary June 7, 2018

" Hebrews 11:17-19, Genesis 22:1-14 (RA-2394, Program: 2318, Air date: 06.10.18) INTRODUCTION There is no other book like the Bible. It is one book, yet contains 66 books. 39 Old Testament books 27 New Testament books The...

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