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The Biography Of The King December 20, 2017

" Isaiah 53:1-12 (RA-2325, Programs: 5217 & 5317, Air dates: 12.24.17 & 12.31.17) THE SUPERNATURAL BIRTH OF THE KING (Isaiah 53:1-2) This is a miraculous birth. Isaiah 7:14 Isaiah 9:6 If Jesus hadn’t been virgin born, H...

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The Wisdom Of Christmas December 6, 2017

" Matthew 2:1-12 (RA-2326, Programs: 5017 & 5117, Air dates: 12.10.17 & 12.17.17) INTRODUCTION Matthew 2:1-12 There isn’t much known about the wise men. We are not sure how many there were. We are not sure what they rode on. We are not s...

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The Secret Of Satisfaction November 29, 2017

" Exodus 20:17 (RA-1864, Program: 4917, Air date: 12.03.17) INTRODUCTION We have been told by Madison Avenue that we can be happy and satisfied if we just have that different car, that better vacation, that more wonderful house, etc. The...

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Truth Or Consequences November 26, 2017

" Exodus 20:16 (RA-1863, Program: 4817, Air date: 11.26.17) INTRODUCTION The commandment we study today is “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Exodus 20:16 We live in a society where moral absolutes are vanishing. ...

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Families That Choose Life November 1, 2017

" Exodus 20:13 (RA-1858, Program: 4517, Air date: 11.05.17) INTRODUCTION Life is a wonderful gift from God, and we ought to enjoy life and choose life. Jesus is the great life giver; Satan is the great life destroyer. John 10:10 The six...

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The Name Above All Names October 11, 2017

" Exodus 20:7 (RA-1853, Program: 4317, Air date: 10.15.17) INTRODUCTION God’s plan for our homes is not failure, but victory. The Ten Commandments were given primarily to the home and to the family. God gave us the Ten Commandments beca...

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Learning Family Worship October 4, 2017

" Exodus 20:4-6 (RA-1852, Program: 4117, Air date: 10.08.17) Commandment #2 – “No graven images” INTRODUCTION The Ten Commandments are not arbitrary; they are universal. The Ten Commandments are not temporary; they are eternal. We do no...

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