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Romans 11:36

The Secret of Effectual Prayer Outline and Transcript

Everything begins with God. He is the source of all things, and everything leads back to Him. Like everything else in the material and spiritual world, prayer revolves around Jesus. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares the secret of effectual prayer.


Romans 10:17-21

Faith: What It Is and How to Have It Outline and Transcript

In the Kingdom of God, our faith is the measure of our victory and success. Our belief is our greatest spiritual asset and richest currency. Conversely, unbelief is our greatest stumbling block. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares the intricacies of faith: what it is and how to have it.


Romans 10:1-13

Salvation Outline and Transcript

Some may think being saved is an old-fashioned concept, but salvation continues to be man’s greatest need. In this message, Adrian Rogers uses the insight from Romans 10 to describe the necessity and timelessness of salvation.


Psalm 127

Dads Who Shoot Straight Outline and Transcript

God says fathers are to be like warriors, and their children are like arrows to be shot at the enemy. But an arrow is no more effective than the warrior who shoots it. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares wisdom for dads who want to shoot their arrows straight.


Exodus 20:12

Honoring Father and Mother Sermon Outline

One of the most basic, fundamental commandments we are to follow is to honor our fathers and mothers. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares three ways we honor our parents in all stages of life.


Matthew 19:1-6

Treasuring Marital Fidelity Sermon Outline

God has put marriage in the hearts and minds of people. Regardless of the tragic failures of past generations, the desire for marriage is born anew in every generation. In this message, Adrian Rogers urges us to treasure marital fidelity and remain faithful to one another.


Titus 2:1-5

The Wonders of Womanhood Sermon Outline

Physical features change and fade, but a lifestyle that adorns the Word of God brings unending beauty into the home. In this message, Adrian Rogers describes the lifestyle of a true woman of God.


Psalm 128:1-6

God's Plan for the Man Sermon Outline

Perhaps the most difficult, yet rewarding, role a man could ever commit to is being a good husband and father. The Lord develops godly men through His Word. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares God’s plan for the man, as explained in Psalm 128.


Genesis 2:18-25

Millionaire Marriages Sermon Outline

Those who are married have the potential of great wealth in what truly matters. We can have a millionaire marriage when we understand the value God has placed on the family. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares God’s design for marriage and how to maintain a godly home.


Exodus 33:11-16

Knowing God Intimately Sermon Outline

It is not enough to casually know about God; we were created to know God intimately and to enjoy Him personally. Yet, many Believers will settle with feeling infatuated with His works, and never know Him face-to-face. In this message from Exodus 33, Adrian Rogers shares the unmatched beauty of knowing God intimately.

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