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God's Amazing Grace June 7, 2019

How can we live in victory over sin? How can we overcome the guilt and fears of the past? How do we love as Christ loved? It's all about understanding God's amazing grace. In this eight message series from Adrian Rogers, a deepening of that...

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Worthy of the Lamb May 24, 2019

Jesus Christ is the only One worthy of your love, your life, and your all. You will never know true fulfillment or understand why God created you, until you come to worship the One who is worthy. Revelation reveals the true majesty of this ...

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Magnificent Mother May 10, 2019

Mothers are perhaps the most powerful and influential force on the face of the earth. In this Adrian Rogers message, you will learn five principles from the life of Hannah to help you raise godly children. Downloadable Resources These res...

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HE HOLDS THE KEYS April 19, 2019

Jesus, the resurrected Lord, has conquered sin, hell and death. So no matter what we see going on in the world around us—or what is to come—we can be confident that Jesus is still in control of it all because He holds the keys! You’re about...

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"Behold He cometh..." Does that stir apprehension or anticipation? Adrian Rogers explains what the book of Revelation says, because Jesus Christ IS Coming! Downloadable Resources These resources are now available in multiple formats. You ...

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The book of Revelation is full of symbols, signs, and analogies. Adrian Rogers looks at those to help you "crack the code" to help you better understand the significance of numbers and their symbolic meaning in Scripture. Downloadable Reso...

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