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Do you feel that witnessing is just not your "spiritual gift"? You'll be challenged and encouraged as you hear the story of Phillip, a believer who was sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit—and a nation was reached for Christ. God can...

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CELEBRATE THE DIFFERENCE: God made us different that he might make us one.Who is better, the man or the woman? The answer to that question is yes! Join Adrian Rogers and learn what God's plan is for men and women. The sermon outline is now...

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THE DIVINE DESIGN February 1, 2019

THE DIVINE DESIGN: What is God's design for the home? Abraham and Sarah sometimes had to learn the hard way. See what principles they learned and what principles we can learn from them that will give us a foundation for our home. The sermo...

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THE EXPEDIENCE OF OBEDIENCE: What's the secret of living supernaturally? In this study of the book of Acts, Adrian Rogers looks at the early church to see how ordinary people led extraordinary lives and how we can too. The sermon outline i...

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Holy Boldness January 18, 2019

The sermon outline is now available in multiple formats. You can print from either version. The Word version is editable. PDF Word For help with the PDF version, please visit Adobe's help center....

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The Principle of Power January 11, 2019

How can you have real power in your life? Adrian Rogers shows that the key is receiving what God has already promised. For the Christian, God's Holy Spirit lives in you and spiritual power is released into your life! The sermon outline is ...

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Making Jesus Known January 4, 2019

MAKING JESUS KNOWN: There are no answers to the problems of this world apart from the Lord Jesus Christ. The new birth is supernatural: we're not just nice people, we become new creatures. We're commanded to make disciples and bring them to...

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Planning Your Future December 28, 2018

PLANNING YOUR FUTURE: Would you consider yourself a success with the future perfectly planned out? Before you consider it complete, join Adrian Rogers as he gives you three warnings to keep you from succeeding at the wrong thing. The sermo...

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