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Hebrews 11:7; Genesis 6:1-22

The Captain and His Kids Outline and Legacy Collection

Noah’s faith in God saved him and his family from the Great Flood in Genesis 6. In this message, Adrian Rogers analyzes the symbolism, salvation, and security of the ship so that we might enter the ark of safety (through Jesus Christ) in a time of increasing rebellion against God.


Proverbs 22:6

Raising Young Champions Outline and Legacy Collection

Do you want to raise a young champion for Jesus Christ? Adrian Rogers offers powerful insight and practical application on how to train up your children to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ.


Proverbs 1:20-22

Your Child: Wise or Otherwise Outline and Legacy Collection

Adrian Rogers says, “A fool is not born a fool. A fool is self-made, but he has a lot of help from his parents.” It is difficult to raise a child on biblical principles in this lost world, but Adrian Rogers reveals God’s wise instruction from the Book of Proverbs to keep you from raising a fool.


Philippians 1:1-7, 2:1

God's Forever Family Outline and Legacy Collection

Church is not a building. It is God’s forever family. In this message, Adrian Rogers uses the example of the early church of Philippi to explain the supernatural formation, sweet fellowship, and sure future of the church, and how crucial it is that we are part of it.


Genesis 2:18-24; 3:16

How to Put Meaning in Your Marriage Outline and Legacy Collection

Why did God institute marriage? In this message, Adrian Rogers explains the purpose, the partnership, and the permanence of marriage as first institutionalized in the Garden of Eden between Adam and Eve, so that we may know how to put meaning into our marriage.


James 1:19; 3:5-8

Marriage: Duel or Duet Outline and Legacy Collection

Does your marriage feel more like a duel or a duet? In this message, Adrian Rogers gives biblical insight and practical advice on how to confront issues with your spouse in a godly, gracious way.


Solomon 1:1-16

The Music of Marriage Outline and Legacy Collection

To be completely known and still be loved is the supreme goal of marriage. In this message, Adrian Rogers eavesdrops on the dialogue in the Book of Song of Solomon to share with us how we can better communicate with our spouses without fear of rejection.


Deuteronomy 5:29; 6:1-9

A Future for the Family Is Promised Outline and Legacy Collection

God has given us a plan for the future and a future for the family! Yet it seems today’s youth has stopped believing in a future for themselves. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the promises for the future, shows the foundation upon which to build it, and prescribes the formula that will ultimately restore our children’s hope in a hopeless world.


Matthew 7:24-27

What to Do When the Bottom Falls Out Outline, Transcript, and Legacy Collection

Life, in its very nature, is tragic; sooner or later, the storms of life will come our way. The difference between a life built on the Word of God, and one that isn’t, lies underground. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares what to do when the bottom falls out of life, and how to have rock-solid faith.


John 13:34

Christ-Like Love Outline, Transcript, and Legacy Collection

Perhaps our greatest human need is to be loved and to give love to someone else. Not only are we, as Christians, called to love others, we are called to exhibit a Christ-like love. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains what Jesus’ love looks like, and how to show it to others.

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