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Luke 2

His Unquestioned Lordship Outline, Transcript, and Legacy Collection

Jesus Christ is called “Lord” 747 times in the New Testament alone! The question is not if He is Lord…it is if you will submit to His lordship. Adrian Rogers gives three reasons why we should submit to Jesus’s lordship and what happens when we do.


Matthew 1:20-23

His Undiminished Deity Outline, Transcript, and Legacy

Do you believe the Babe of Bethlehem is the God of Genesis One? Adrian Rogers acknowledges the doctrine of the Holy Trinity and examines Scripture to explain how Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God… He is God the Son.


1 Corinthians 2:1-14

How to Know God Through the Bible Outline and Legacy Collection

The way to be blessed is to obey God, which requires our trust in Him; and to trust Him is to love Him, and in order to love Him, we must know Him. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals how to know God through the Bible.


Proverbs 3:5-10

How to Be Successful Outline, Transcript, and Legacy Collection

God has not engineered us for failure; rather He has programmed us for success. God has cultivated wonderful plans for our lives. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals how to be successful and know God’s will for our lives.


Joshua 1:1-2

Success God's Way Outline and Transcript

Victory is God’s gift to every child; He delights in His children’s prosperity. However, we must make certain that we are pursuing success God's way. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares how to come out of the wilderness and into the promised land.


Luke 2:25-35

His Unblemished Life Outline, Transcript, and Legacy Collection

Scripture tells the story of a just and devout man named Simeon, who greatly anticipated the first coming of Christ; and in Luke 2:25, his wait was over. The promise was fulfilled. Adrian Rogers dissects what Simeon said about the baby he held in his arms named Jesus, and emphasizes the importance of our anticipation for the Second Coming of Christ.


Ecclesiastes 11

The Principles of Prosperity Outline and Transcript

God has a plan for us, and it includes prosperity; while that does not necessarily mean many riches, it does mean financial responsibility and blessing. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares the eight principles of prosperity, God’s way, outlined in Ecclesiastes 11.


Malachi 3:7-12

How to Obtain Financial Freedom Outline and Transcript

God pays attention to our stewardship. He wants to open the windows of Heaven and pour out spiritual and financial blessing on us, but we must be brought to a place where we can receive it. In this message from Malachi 3, Adrian Rogers explains how to obtain financial freedom.


James 5:1-9

Man and His Money

Stewardship is the area of life that tells how men make money and, more importantly, how God makes men. In this message from James 5, Adrian Rogers shares invaluable insight into man and his money.


Luke 1:30-38; Luke 2:8-14

His Unequaled Birth Outline, Transcript, and Legacy Collection

Many proclaiming Christians have difficulty comprehending the virgin birth of Jesus Christ, and oftentimes gloss over it when explaining the Christmas story to others. However, if the virgin birth of Jesus Christ did not happen, the foundation of Christianity collapses like a house of cards! Adrian Rogers explains how and why this Unequaled Birth came to be.

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