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How Can We Come Together?

We are exploring the concept of God’s love making us one. “Whether you’re married or not, Pastor Rogers said, “you’re part of society, and society is not going to be any stronger than its homes.”

While we will primarily be talking about husbands and wives—their relationship and their roles in the family—there are numerous biblical examples of God’s love engendering close fellowship. God’s love made Ruth and Naomi one in their faithfulness to care for one another. That same love from and for God brought unity to the home of siblings Mary, Martha, and Lazarus, Jesus’ friends at Bethany. The Church as a whole relies on One Lord to make us one in brotherhood and mission. Just as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are one, oneness is the divine design not just for marriage but for all of God’s people.

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What Does the Bible Say About Jesus at the Crossroads?

From the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation, the Bible places Jesus at the crossroads for every person who has ever lived or ever will live. He is the central character of the Bible, and the One who presents humankind with an unavoidable decision. Every person must decide for himself or herself: Jesus is either Lord and Savior, worthy of worship and allegiance, or He is someone less.

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What’s the Real Meaning of Christmas?

Jesus is the answer to the longing, the resolution to the conflict, the light that dispels the darkness, and the catalyst for all wonder and worship. He is the thrill of hope! He awakens in us a heavenly love previously unimaginable. It is the climax of His story—His death, resurrection, ascension and soon return to claim His own—that at last heals our world and satisfies our hearts.

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How Do We Become More Like Jesus?

God does not need our gratitude, our worship, our love; but when we are thankful, when we worship Him, we are enriched. We receive His love and give it back; in so loving, we become more like Him. Gratitude changes us!

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Is It Possible to Really Know God?

Through His Son Jesus, God invites us not only to know Him but also to grow as close as we desire. He beckons us into a relationship that is supremely fulfilling, eternally unbroken and infinitely deep. As Pastor Adrian Rogers says, we can all have “as much of God as we want.”

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What Can We Learn from Bible Hero Stories?

Let’s examine four men—Isaac, Joseph, Moses and Gideon—and the faith lessons we can learn from their lives. Then, we’ll turn our attention to what it feels like when our faith fails us—when we just can’t catch our spiritual breath—and talk about how to get back in the race and “press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14).

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Where is God When I’m Suffering?

Christians must trust God’s sovereignty even when they are submerged by suffering, forsaken by friends, and dismayed by darkness in the midst of the storm. There is a spiritual place of stillness in the center of God’s will that mirrors the physical eye in the center of a hurricane. From this place, the Christian is not only able to praise God in the storm but is also able to help restore other storm victims with meekness, humility and love.

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How Do We Make the Most of Our Time Before the Rapture?

We are living on the edge of eternity, our arms stretched toward the unimaginable. How then, should we live? We live in hope, because we know the promises God gave us in His Word are true. We live with our eyes focused on Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of our faith. We live longing for, and prepared for, His return. 

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What is Faith?

Those whose hearts respond to God’s character develop faith that God uses to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. The ordinary person, the ordinary day, the ordinary duty, surrendered to God in faith, is extraordinarily and eternally significant.

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Where Does Real Love Begin?

Because Jesus’ act of true love on the cross is the only means by which “everyone who loves is born of God and knows God,” real love begins at Calvary. It is the foundation for true, selfless, eternal love in marriage, in the family, in the Church, and in every relationship. So-called love built on any other foundation ultimately will perish.

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