Where Can I Turn For Answers To Life's Problems?

"Teach me Your way, O Lord; I will walk in Your truth; Unite my heart to fear Your name."

Psalm 86:11

Jesus Is The Answer To Our Struggles In Life

What do I do now? Now that the storm has hit? Now that my plans have crashed? Now that the marriage has failed? Now that the diagnosis has come? If you ever ask such questions, explore the answer at Love Worth Finding: His name is Jesus! He’s God’s answer for Man’s problems.

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“Believe in miracles but trust in Jesus.”

Adrian Rogers

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For each of the video messages related to this truth, we have combined the sermon overview, outline, and transcript into one PDF document. This document can be used for research and learning as you teach others about God. Simply click on a title to download the preaching and teaching resource.

Featured Bible Study

Jesus doesn't just GIVE answers. He IS the answer.

We have all felt futility at times, yet we keep chasing things that we hope will bring us life. We constantly search for meaning and answers.

In this seven-week study, we’ll look at Jesus’ miracles in the Book of John to understand the metaphors behind the miracles. In each instance, Jesus reveals more of who He is and more of the life He died to give us—abundant life! This study can be completed independently or in a small group; a discussion guide is included.

"...in self-realization all of the answers are in you; but in self-surrender all of the answers are in Jesus.”"

Adrian Rogers

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