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Those Who Love God

Anybody can love God as much as they want to love God....


Conformed to God’s Image

How wonderful that you and I could be like the Lord Jesus Christ!...


Your Body Is God’s Temple

Is there any area in your life that is off-bounds to the Holy Spirit?...


Sing Praise to God

The only way you can truly worship God is to worship Him in His Spirit....


The Holy Spirit Is Real

The Holy Spirit is not a substance or a thing, the Holy Spirit is a Person....


Gospel Opportunities in Evil Days

We are up against the organized, mobilized, demonized forces of hell, and it comes in every way....


Being Filled with God’s Spirit

When you are filled with the Holy Spirit, you are controlled by the Holy Spirit....


Be Worthy of Your Hire

When you go to work, you are to enter with the same enthusiasm as you have for your church....


How Do You Overcome Worldliness?

When you are feasting on Jesus, the devil’s temptations are like a plate of stale crumbs....


You Are to Flee

You are not told to fight the temptation of the flesh. You are told to flee....

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