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Obedience Follows True Faith

Faith that does not lead to obedience is not faith at all....


When You Demand Something from God

When you demand signs, it is dishonoring to God and dangerous to man....


Who Should Be First?

Having Jesus as Lord means He is first in your life....


Looking Forward to Jesus

Thank God that we are looking forward to Christ's coming....


A Savior to Meet Your Needs

What is the need in our world today?...


The Baby: The Mighty God

Why would anyone call a baby the Mighty God? What is so special about this baby? ...


God Gave Us Jesus For Christmas

When God gave Jesus, He was giving us the gift of love....


Jesus Mary's Little Lamb

Mary had a little Lamb, His fleece was white as snow. Son of God from Heaven above, for sinners here below....


The God of Humanism

Humanists, however, are a small cadre of highly motivated intellectuals who are steering the world toward a one-world government....


Are You Faithful with Your Money?

God may be withholding a blessing from you because you have not been faithful in the earning, giving, saving, and spending of your money....

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