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How to Resist the Devil

The devil is not going to leave you alone until you resist him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ....


An Inclination to Do Evil

The devil helps you to sin, tempts you to sin, and encourages you to sin; sinning is an inside job....


Being Cut Off from God

What the devil is trying to do is to cut you off from God....


Having Victory Over Temptation

God has not called you to a life of ease, He has called you to a life of victory. ...


Complete What He Begins

God never starts anything He’s not able to finish....


Be Sure of Eternity

When a person knows that his future is secure, he can concentrate on the present....


Keep Your Eyes on God

The greatest desire of your life should be to keep the commandments of God....


Keeping the Commandments of God

As a child of God, your navigational stars are the commandments of God. They steer and guide your life....


Do You Want Your Prayers Answered?

When we pray in the Spirit, we are praying in the will of God....


Four Possible Answers to Prayer

God responds to our prayers in four basic ways....

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