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You Must Conquer Your Child

If you do not conquer your child, somebody else will. Set limits....


Fathers, Compliment Your Child’s Character

Start teaching your children by building their character....


How to Evaluate a Dad

Do you know how you measure a dad? By measuring the emotional and spiritual health of his family....


Do You Believe in the Devil?

The devil is most clever when he gets people to think he doesn’t exist at all....


We Need Joy in Our Churches

There is nothing sweeter than being part of a church when the joy of the Lord is upon that church....


God’s Word is Valuable

I wonder if one day the dust on our Bibles is going to testify against us....


Keep Close to God’s Word

We can get near to the heart of God because we have the Word of God....


Do Not Be Afraid

Fear is an insult to God, who says, I will be with thee. Fear will destroy your life, disrupt your friendships, and delight your foes....


The Devil Wants to Distract Us

Find out what God wants you to do and refuse to be distracted by the devil....


Are You Distracted From God’s Work?

When work for God becomes successful in the eyes of the world, then the world tries to join it....

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