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The Sin of Pride in the Bible

Sinful pride is an attitude of independence, ingratitude, and arrogance that defies God, ruins the heart, divides society, brings dishonor, and destroys souls. Following Jesus’ example of meekness is the remedy for the destructive force of pride.


The Resurrection of Jesus Conquered Death

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a fact of history, and the future resurrection of the dead in Christ is a settled fact for every believer. Jesus conquered death once for all.


The Messianic Prophecies of Jesus

Isaiah 53 contains the entire Gospel in one chapter of Scripture. We see Jesus as the Messiah and gain a full picture of the entire life of Jesus Christ—His Virgin Birth, His sinless life, His sacrificial death, His victorious resurrection, and His glorious return. Writing 700 years before Christ, Isaiah’s prophecy of Jesus also contains God’s promise of eternal life for the believer.


Jesus Died to Give You Life

Because we are created for life, the fear of death is natural. But Jesus died to offer eternal life to all those who would receive it. God’s Word is filled with evidence of Jesus’ ability to provide eternal life; numerous Scripture passages—including the words of Jesus Himself—offer comfort and assurance for those who fear death. The Gospel of Jesus Christ offers us assurance and peace; we have the opportunity to receive that peace.


We Are More than Conquerors, and Saved by Grace

We are saved by grace which ensures we are more than conquerors in spite of our trials, persecutions, or afflictions. The blood of Christ guarantees our victory over anything that comes against us.


Seek Peace and Pursue Unity in the Body of Christ

Jesus wants unity in His Church because togetherness is to our great advantage as believers and the thing our enemy dreads most. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains the power of unity and what happens when we seek the things that make for peace.


Wake Up to God’s Righteousness

Waking up to God’s righteousness is critical to resisting the devil, putting on the armor of God, and living a victorious Christian life.



The Keys to the Fervent Power of Effectual Prayer

Delving into the power of prayer that is fervent and effectual remarkably changes not only our perspective of God, but it changes us as well.



God's Grace Provides Victory in Christ

God has given us everything we need for the victorious Christian life, but we must wake up, suit up, and pray up!

We must appropriate God’s grace, already given to us, heed the wake-up call in the Book of Romans, dress in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, learn to pray “effectually,” and work for unity among believers.


Build An Intimate Marriage: How to Handle Conflict with Forgiveness

Knowing how to handle conflict with your spouse is hard yet critical to any marriage. Handling conflict requires us to be open, listen, adapt, and forgive. This approach not only builds a more intimate marriage but also strengthens our relationship with Jesus.

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