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Revival Happens When God Appears

Our homes need revival. Our churches need revival. This nation needs revival. The world needs Jesus! No military power can bring revival. No economic upturn brings revival. And no election can bring revival. Revival is the sovereign work o...

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Ten Ways to Love Like God Loves

Many think love is just a feeling—oceans of emotions. We get confused because English has only one word for love. But there are several kinds of love, and Scripture uses a different Greek word for each kind....

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Is God’s Forgiveness Really for You?

What do you do when you’re sure you’ve crossed a line where God will not forgive you? “Not this time, and not for this,” you think. Let me tell you on the basis of God’s Word, if you genuinely seek His forgiveness and want be in relationshi...

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Secrets to a Lasting Love

Do you want to learn how to keep the honey in honeymoon? There’s no better advice I can give couples than to submit to the Lordship of Christ in their lives....

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How You Can Handle Conflict in Relationships

My wife Joyce and I are so different. I thought I knew her well. After all, we met in the 4thgrade. But didn’t realize how different we were until we were on a Ferris wheel. For some reason it stopped with our gondola at the top, and I thou...

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How To Have Mastery Over Your Mind

As 2019 begins, there’s an aspect of our lives we must control if we’re going to live this year in victory. We must have mastery over our minds. None of us knows what the coming year will bring. We must command our thought life—and not the ...

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