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July 10 • Genesis 6:5-14

How is Noah's Ark Related to Jesus?

Noah’s Ark gives us an unmistakable picture of the Lord, who saves us by His grace, seals us through His Spirit, and keeps us for eternity. This is what it means to be saved.


July 3 • 2 Samuel 11

Your Sins Will Cost You

Some believe that God let David get away with His sin of adultery or murder. The truth is that God convicted David and brought him back into a relationship with Himself. He will do the same with you if you are willing.


June 26 • Job 13:15

Can We Rely on God in Difficult Times?

Can we rely on God in difficult times? Will He be enough for us in the storms of life? Job experienced the depth of life’s tragedies and still trusted God.


June 19 • Ephesians 5:21-33

What Are the Husband’s Responsibilities?

Men are to love their wives as Christ loves the Church. Find out how by looking at the major responsibilities God has given to husbands.


June 12 • Galatians 6:1-5

What to Do With Your Burdens

We are born crying, and from then on: burdens and problems. “Man is born to trouble, as the sparks fly upward” (Job 5:7). But thank God, believers in Jesus do not have to carry all of their burdens alone. There are burdens we are to carry by ourselves, burdens we are to help others carry, and burdens we are to give over to Jesus.


June 5 • Acts 27:9-31

How to Walk Through a Storm

Why would God take a chapter in His Word to tell us about a ship in a storm? Because it is more than history—this is an illustration with an application for all of us. We can learn what to do and what not to do in a storm.


May 20 •

God Rules Over Life's Storms

Everyone faces storms. Rich or poor, young or old, famous or unknown, we all have trouble. What differs is our ability to weather those storms. Those who know, trust, and follow Jesus as Captain of their lives are able to stand when others fall. As the hymn writer Richard Adams notes: "He is greater than the thunder, He is mightier than the storm; He extends His hand to lift me, and protect my soul from harm.”


May 29 • Revelation 13:1-8

Beware of the Mark of the Beast

During the Great Tribulation, the Antichrist will rise to power and do Satan’s bidding. He will be seductive, charming, and sinister. He will seek to deify Satan, defy Jesus, delude sinners, destroy Christians, and dominate the world.


May 22 • 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11

The Second Coming of Jesus

Jesus’ Second Coming will happen unexpectedly. He will rescue His Church before the Great Tribulation and the terrible Day of the Lord, but Christians today must endure surrounding darkness as we wait for Jesus’ arrival.


May 15 • 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

What is the Rapture?

Since Jesus’ ascension, we have been living in the last days. Though no one knows the day or hour, the Rapture is imminent. Jesus will come again with a shout, wake the dead in Christ, and reunite Himself with all believers.

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