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March 5 • Romans 11:36

The Keys to the Fervent Power of Effectual Prayer

Delving into the power of prayer that is fervent and effectual remarkably changes not only our perspective of God, but it changes us as well.


March 4 • Grace

God's Grace Provides Victory in Christ

God has given us everything we need for the victorious Christian life, but we must wake up, suit up, and pray up!

We must appropriate God’s grace, already given to us, heed the wake-up call in the Book of Romans, dress in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, learn to pray “effectually,” and work for unity among believers.


February 26 • James 1:19-20

Build An Intimate Marriage: How to Handle Conflict with Forgiveness

Knowing how to handle conflict with your spouse is hard yet critical to any marriage. Handling conflict requires us to be open, listen, adapt, and forgive. This approach not only builds a more intimate marriage but also strengthens our relationship with Jesus.


February 19 • 1 Peter 2:21‑24

Build An Intimate Marriage: Effective Communication Empowers Oneness

Communication in marriage is hard. But it doesn't have to be that way! There’s a fine balance between talking and being a great listener. When communication in your marriage works, you’ll begin to build more intimacy into your marriage.


February 12 • Genesis 2:19-25

Build An Intimate Marriage: Celebrate the Differences Between Men and Women

God created men and women differently. When we accept each other, without conditions, judgement, or resentment, we can begin to enjoy our differences. We can enjoy what makes our spouse different, we can begin to build an intimate marriage.


February 5 • 1 Peter 3:1-7

Build An Intimate Marriage: God’s Divine Design

Man did not create or invent marriage. God did. The Bible's definition of marriage has never changed and never will. God's divine design for marriage was purposeful. So, let's take a closer look at what God's plan is for your marriage.


February 4 •

Build an Intimate Marriage: God’s Love Makes Us One

When we are filled with God's love, we live differently. We do and see everything with a different lens. This is especially true in our marriage and relationships. Let’s learn how God’s love makes our marriages more intimate as we become one with our spouse.


January 29 • Luke 16:19-31

Your Life After Death: The First Five Minutes After You Die

Death is unavoidable, but it is not the end. Our eternal destiny waits for us five minutes after death.


January 22 • Matthew 24:35-39

The Unexpected Days of Noah

The days of Noah were a lot like today. We must decide about Jesus now; His coming will be unexpected, as was the flood in Noah’s day.


January 15 • Revelation 20:11-15

The Decision is Yours: Facing the Day of Judgement

Those who do not decide to follow Jesus will face the final judgement. Their secrets will be exposed, a verdict will be handed down, and they will experience eternity without God.

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