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The Purposes of Pain January 31, 2015

We all experience pain, and even suffering at some time in our lives. While our natural reaction to pain is to avoid it, get rid of it, or numb it; we need to realize that God allows pain. In fact, our suffering is a sign of God’s love. Let...

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How To Win The War With Worry December 31, 2014

Do you ever worry? We all do, but we ought not. Worry is not just a weakness; it’s a wickedness. Three times in the Sermon on the Mount, our Lord says “Take no thought,” which actually means “take no anxious worry.” To each worrier He ...

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The Urgency Of The Hour October 31, 2014

Many of us think eternity is “way out yonder.” But eternity is only a heartbeat or trumpet call away. Jesus is coming “in the twinkling of an eye.” Suddenly, cataclysmically, just like that—He comes. Whatever we do, we must do with urg...

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Faithful Prayer For Your Family October 14, 2014

How can you leave behind a godly legacy? In this very personal message, speaking from his heart, Dr. Rogers shared specific instructions. It’s an incredible thing to pray from the Bible, because you know your prayer is in the will of God i...

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All Dressed Up & Nowhere To Go September 30, 2014

So now that we’re dressed in the armor, what do we do?  The pieces of armor we wear are defensive weapons. What about offense? Some have bargained, “Satan, if you’ll just leave me alone, I’ll leave you alone.”  But you can’t be n...

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