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How to Gain and Celebrate Victory

If our topic is “How to Gain and Celebrate Victory,” why are we reading this future scene in Revelation? Because the victory-winning saints in these chapters have something to show us. You’re going to see victory in three steps....

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Do You Need to De-Stress?

We are emotionally fatigued, physically drained, and spiritually defeated due to stress. Stress not only kills your enjoyment of life; you’re also more vulnerable to attacks from the devil....

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Are You Battling Depression?

We all have trials in our lives. But many committed, earnest Christians experience something that goes beyond just feeling “down.” It’s depression....

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Do You Need an Overhaul?

Was there ever a time when you loved Jesus Christ more than you love Him today? Is He a shining reality in your heart? Or someone you only think about from time to time? Do you serve God half-heartedly? Your prayers are hurried; you don’t t...

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Why Do You Exist?

God created you to be someone He can love and who will love Him. Do you think God created us to serve Him?...

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The Light Source of the Christmas Story

We love to sing "Silent Night, Holy Night," but this great Christmas song is not about night or darkness at all. It's about the light. "Son of God, love's pure light. Radiant beams from Thy holy face with the dawn of redeeming gra...

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