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November 13 • John 16:7

Thank God for His Holy Spirit

We can thank God for His Holy Spirit because it is He who convicts us of sin, convinces us that we can be made right with God only through the Savior, and helps us understand Satan’s power over us is broken.


November 5 •

Gratitude Makes Us More Like Jesus

God does not NEED our gratitude, but He wants our gratitude, which we express as worship. Why? Does anything we have to give enrich God? If we give him our money, his wealth does not increase—He owns “the cattle on a thousand hills.” (See Psalm 50:10.) If we give Him our strength, He is no stronger—He already upholds the Universe “by the word of His power.” (See Hebrews 1:3.) God does not learn anything if we give Him our knowledge—He “knows all things” (See 1 John 3:20.); “His understanding is infinite” (Psalm 147:5).


October 30 • Isaiah 6:1-8

God is Holy, God is Truth, and God is Eternal

The finite cannot grasp the infinite. You can know the one true God only by divine revelation.


October 23 • John 4:46-54

Faith Empowers Your Relationship With God

Strong faith comes from hearing, believing, obeying, and resting in the Word of God. As we employ such faith, our relationship with God grows.


October 16 • Luke 22:31-34

God is Close to the Brokenhearted

In times of crisis, we must abandon self-confidence and rely on the one true God; as we do, we grow closer to Him.


October 9 • Genesis 3:1-5

Satan’s Flaws Help Us Understand God’s Greatness

By looking at the enemy and his four-prong plan of attack, we can see the contrast between evil and good and come to know God better.


October 2 • Romans 10:17 21

Knowing Jesus Means Trusting in Jesus

Faith is no better than its object. Weak faith in Jesus is better than strong, misplaced faith in anything else. As we come to know Jesus, we come to trust Him more, and our faith grows.


September 25 • 1 John 2:12-14

Are You a Growing Christian?

As you read God’s Word and obey His voice, you grow up—from spiritual childhood to young adulthood and finally to maturity.


September 18 • Genesis 22

God Revealed Himself So He Could Be Known

God has always wanted us to know Him. He communicates the Gospel from Genesis to Revelation, including in the story of Isaac, an Old Testament picture of Jesus Christ.


September 11 • 1 John 5:13

Salvation Brings Peace with God

Salvation is the pardon of sin and peace with God, it is power through the Holy Spirit, and it is available to anyone who is willing to get off the throne of his own life and declare Jesus as Lord.

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