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7 Ways Joseph's Life Tells You to be Saved

God wants every man, woman, and child to be saved so badly, He went to extraordinary lengths in the Bible to give us pictures, glimpses, analogies—portraits of how our salvation was won....

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3 Truths to Follow for America to Survive

How much longer we will survive as a nation? I’d rather leave our children a legacy of great, godly principles than great wealth, squandered in a godless society. Here are three thoughts straight from Psalm 78 for America to follo...

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Be a Mother of Victory and Faith

In my mind, the most powerful, influence on earth today is a godly mother’s faith and prayers. They can change the direction of her children’s lives and through them change the world....

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What Does Heaven Look Like?

With the Holy Spirit inspiring each word, the Apostle John dipped his pen in golden glory and from that parchment page we read exactly what Heaven looks like. We walk golden streets with him, hearing sounds we’ve never heard before but we’l...

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