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How To Have Mastery Over Your Mind January 1, 2019

As 2019 begins, there’s an aspect of our lives we must control if we’re going to live this year in victory. We must have mastery over our minds. None of us knows what the coming year will bring. We must command our thought life—and not the ...

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When Faith Is In The Fire September 1, 2018

The noose is tightening. The war is getting hotter. If our Lord tarries, you're going to have to stand alone and teach your children to stand alone. They're going to face a world different from even the one we're living in.  And I pray...

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Preparing For Persecution - Part 2 June 15, 2018

In Part One of this article, we looked at the situation for the true Christian living in a culture where the prevalent worldview mocks and ridicules the God of the Bible and His precepts for living. And those who stand with Jesus Christ, br...

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