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Daily Devotions

Are you good enough? November 15, 2019

Whose righteousness are you depending on? Your own? Your accumulated lifetime of “good works”? Or the righteousness of the sinless Lamb of God, Who became your substitute on the Cross and paid your sin debt in full?...

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Whose clothes are you wearing? November 14, 2019

It would be tragic indeed for those who acted in every conceivable religious way to think they can come to the wedding without being clothed by the righteousness of Christ. I’m not trying to get you to doubt your salvation, but I want to as...

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Is God not enough? November 11, 2019

The devil says, “Well, he only serves you because of those good things you’ve done for him. You’ve bought him off with blessings.” God says, “No, he just loves me for who I am, not because of the blessings I’ve given him.” The presence of G...

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