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July 15 • Hebrews 11:32

Do You Have Faith to Move Forward?

We need to have faith in God even if there are things in our past that we wish we could change. He will guide us into who we need to be in the future.


July 14 • Ephesians 2:1-3

Are You Deceiving Yourself?

You may think you can control sin, but before you know it, sin will be controlling you.


July 13 • Isaiah 59:1-3

Are You Protecting Your Family?

Sin will hurt us and everyone around us if it is not surrendered to God and dealt with in His way.


July 12 • Judges 6:33-35

You Are Made to Live for God

You were made for more than just living your own way. You were made to live for God and to let Him guide you as He did Gideon.


July 11 • Proverbs 8:17-19

Are You Listening for God’s Voice?

You will never have victory in your life, at home, in school, in business, in your neighborhood, in the Church, or in society until you see God big and strong and mighty and desire His ways more than your own.


July 10 • Hebrews 11:6

You Are Victorious Through God’s Word

The same God who has programmed the planets to produce that undefeatable tide is the God who has programmed your life.


July 9 • Judges 17:6

Who Are You Living For?

When there is no fixed standard of right and wrong God doesn’t have to judge us. We judge ourselves by leaving God out! Every person does what is right in his or her own eyes.


July 8 • Judges 2:6-10

Do You Appreciate Your Blessings from God?

Even when we have times of plenty and even after God’s provision, we still tend to forget that our blessings come from the hand of God. If we fail to exercise wisdom and caution, we will miss God Himself.


July 7 • Nehemiah 2:4-6

Do You Bring Your Needs to God?

Sometimes, when we see a problem, we jump to fix it on our own power or seek the help of others to solve it. God desires us to seek Him first in prayer for the solution to the problem and trust Him to work out the details.


July 6 • Proverbs 16:1-3

Who Are You Committed To?

When we surrender our plans to the Lord and are committed to following Him, He will show us the path to follow.

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