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June 26 • Matthew 13:45-46

Do You Know Your True Value?

Jesus took my sin and your sin. He covered it with the glory of His grace. He made something beautiful out of something that wounded His side. He made us His pearl of great price.


June 25 • Matthew 13:44

Are You Blind to Spiritual Reality?

The Kingdom was uncovered through Jesus’ coming. There was a glimpse of glory. The very King who held the keys to the Kingdom was doing miracles among the religious leaders, but they were blind to that reality.


June 24 • Matthew 13:33

Are You Keeping Your Spiritual Eyes Open?

How can we defend against false teachers infiltrating the Church? We seek holiness and ask Him to purge any sin in our personal lives and in the lives of those in the body of Christ so that we will be one body.


June 23 • 1 Timothy 6:3-5

Can You Spot a False Teacher?

We need to be able to spot and identify the false teachers of our day. They’re not easily spotted because the devil is a master of deception and a master of camouflage.


June 22 • Matthew 13:31-32

When You Can’t Explain God’s Mysteries

How can we stand secure when there are wonders of the Kingdom we don’t understand? When we can’t understand full, we trust the sovereignty, power, and faithfulness of God.


June 21 • Matthew 13:33

Guard Against Pride in Religious Leadership

We must be sure to purge the leaven out of the Church because a little bit of it leavens the whole lump.


June 20 • Matthew 17:20

God’s Great Power Seen in a Small Seed

Only God can count the effectiveness of a seed. A seed can reproduce and reproduce repeatedly. It is a secret and a mystery to us, but it is fully known to God.


June 19 • John 3:16

Does Your Faith Need to Be Big to Be Effective?

We need to seek faith that is not necessarily complex or “big,” but is small and simple, holding much strength just like the example of the mustard seed.


June 18 • Matthew 13:37-40

What to Do About False Religion

While it’s not our job to go rooting out spiritual weeds, we also must be careful not to spend our money and efforts to fertilize weeds. Invest in God’s kingdom, not in false religions.


June 17 • Matthew 13:24-30

Why Do People Counterfeit Christianity?

Hypocrites, counterfeit Christians, false disciples, and false ministers have not taken God by surprise. People counterfeit that which is worthwhile.

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