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What is the difference between belief and trust?

    You can believe in a lot of things. You can believe that a certain sports team is the best or that something you heard is true. In the same way, you can believe God is real. You can believe Jesus lived on Earth and that the stories of the B...

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    What if I don't regret my sins?

      If you understand what sin is, then you should know that you need forgiveness. Sin is a moral affront to a holy God. It’s falling short. It’s missing the mark of what He wanted for us. We are sinners by birth, by nature, by choice, and by p...

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      How can I be sure I am saved?

        While we may all be bothered by an occasional doubt, it is a problem that must and can be overcome. And the Bible tells us how to know whether we are saved. There are several ways you can be absolutely sure that you are saved. First and f...

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        How can a loving God send people to Hell?

          God desires all people to be saved and offers salvation freely to all people. No one in the world is excluded from the offer of salvation. He takes no pleasure in sending any person to Hell. Those He sends to Hell are those who have rejec...

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