Does it matter what I decide if I am predestined to Hell anyway?

Romans 8 contains five pillars of truth for our salvation. If you take away any one of these, the Gospel comes apart.

The first pillar is the supreme wisdom of God: “For whom He foreknew…” (Romans 8:29). God’s wisdom is unlike any other man’s knowledge or understanding. It is not based upon guess or whim; He sees the beginning, the end, and everything in between.

The second pillar is the sovereign will of God: “…He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren” (Romans 8:29). When God predestines something, nothing can stop it—it will come to pass. 2 Peter 3:9 tells us God wants to redeem the whole human race. He is “not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance.” But because He lovingly gave us free will, we have a choice in the matter and we will give an account for the choice we make. Pastor Adrian Rogers further says, “There is no contradiction between the sovereign grace of God and the free will of man.”

The third pillar rests upon the seeking Word of God: “Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called…” (Romans 8:30). “Called” means to issue a summons; God sends His Word to those who would hear it, His Gospel to those who would receive it.

The fourth pillar is the saving work of God: “...whom He called, these He also justified…” (Romans 8:30). Justification is more than a pardoning or acquitting of our sins, it is being made righteous in God’s sight. We receive this justification through grace and grace through our faith.

The fifth and final pillar is the settled ways of God: “...and whom He justified, these He also glorified” (Romans 8:30). Because God deals in eternity, He sees the future as well as the present. And because we have been predestined for glory in Christ, we are already glorified.

Are you predestined for Hell (or even Heaven for that matter)? Absolutely not! It is your choice. What will you decide? 

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