Below is a list of broadcast messages that include a combination of outlines and notes, overviews, and media transcripts. The most recent include both the media outline and transcript. Some only have the outline available. The content is published based on our broadcasting schedule. If you are looking for a total collection of our archival sermon transcripts, navigate to the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection to download transcripts by book of the Bible. 

Romans 9

Predestined for Hell? Absolutely Not! Outline and Transcript

Are some predestined for Hell? Absolutely not! In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals three things we need to know about the character and nature of God that will bring our theology into sharp focus.


Romans 8:11, 18

Turning Hurts into Hallelujahs Outline and Transcript

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is what turns every hurt into a hallelujah. And that same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead now dwells in us. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains the grace that covers our guilt, and the glory that waits at the end of our suffering.


Romans 8:26-28

Prayer Outline and Transcript

As Christians, prayer is our greatest privilege, yet our greatest failure; knowing this, God has given us a Great Helper. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals how the Holy Spirit helps us in prayer.


Romans 8:9

Getting to Know Your Best Friend Sermon Outline

The distinguishing mark of a Christian is the Holy Spirit in him. In this message, Adrian Rogers identifies how the Holy Spirit ministers to us, as a spirit of life, of Christ, and of adoption.


Romans 6:1-2

How to Live in Victory Sermon Outline

The grace of God enables us to live godly lives in Christ Jesus, and empowers us to live in victory. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains how to live in victory, as identified in Romans 6.


Romans 8:28-31

You Can Be Sure Outline and Transcript

Salvation, from start to finish, is of the Lord. It is only by the grace of God that we can be sure of our salvation. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals five foundational facts on which our faith rests.


Romans 5:6-9

There is So Much More Outline and Transcript

If we don’t understand the bad news of sin, we’re not ready for the Good News of the Gospel -- that there is so much more that we’ve gained through Jesus Christ. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals what we lose in the kingdom of Adam, and what we gain in the Kingdom of Christ.


Daniel 3:1-30

When Faith Is in the Fire Sermon Outline

As these days grow gloriously dim, we must stand on the principles of God’s Word—for things that are true and righteous, which last throughout time and eternity. In this message, Adrian Rogers shows us how to stand alone, even when our faith is in the fire.


Acts 2:1-4

How to Keep Your Spiritual Fire Burning Sermon Outline

The Day of Pentecost in Act 2 marked the birth of the Church, and the burst of the Holy Flame that is the Holy Spirit. In this message, Adrian Rogers shows how to keep this spiritual fire burning.


Luke 15:11-32

The Ungrateful Brother Sermon Outline

In Luke 15, Jesus tells the story of the prodigal son reconciling with his loving father. However, as the passage continues, we meet his ungrateful brother. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains how our relationship with the Father is measured by our love for our brothers.

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