Below is a list of broadcast messages that include a combination of outlines and notes, overviews, and media transcripts. The most recent include both the media outline and transcript. Some only have the outline available. The content is published based on our broadcasting schedule. If you are looking for a total collection of our archival sermon transcripts, navigate to the Adrian Rogers Legacy Collection to download transcripts by book of the Bible. 

John 1:1-4

What Child is This? Outline and Transcript

Our eternal destiny hangs on one question: What Child is this—who is Jesus Christ? In this message, Adrian Rogers shares the mystery, majesty, and ministry of the Holy Trinity.


Matthew 21:12

The Wisdom of Christmas Outline and Transcript

We don’t know much about the wise men who came to worship Jesus after His miraculous birth; however, we do know they exemplify the supernatural wisdom of Christmas. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares the wisdom in how these men sought Jesus Christ, as well as the significance of what they brought Him.


Isaiah 53:1

The Biography of the King Outline and Transcript

Seven centuries years before Christ’s birth, the prophet Isaiah wrote the biography of the King, the promised Messiah, and Savior of the world. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the divine inspiration of Scripture and the deity of Jesus Christ.


Colossians 1:19

Jesus: The One and Only Outline and Transcript

Out of the billions who have ever lived, only a handful of people have made a lasting imprint upon society. There is one who stands head and shoulders above all others: Jesus, the One and Only Son of God. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals three things we can learn about Jesus Christ from Colossians 1.


Ephesians 5:20

Give Thanks in Tough Times Outline and Transcript

Perhaps the most difficult thing we’ll ever do is give thanks in tough times. It requires true maturity in the faith to see that God is good, even when things are not good. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares seven ways that our troubles may minister to us.


John 16:7

When the Spirit Speaks Outline and Transcript

There are things we will never understand until we lay down our intellectual pride and let the Holy Spirit speak to us. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals three truths we can only understand when the Spirit speaks to our hearts.


Colossians 3:16-23

Monday Morning Religion Outline and Transcript

When we’re right with God, every day is a holy day and every act is a sacred deed, because everything we do can be done for the glory of God. In this message, Adrian Rogers shows us what Monday morning religion looks like, and how to make our faith evident every day of the week.


Isaiah 6:1

The One True God Outline and Transcript

Now more than ever before, in our spiritually confused society, we need a fresh glimpse of the one true God. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares Isaiah’s vision in Isaiah 6 to reveal three things about the one true God.


John 4:46-54

Having Strong Faith Outline and Transcript

In the Kingdom of Heaven, faith is the medium of exchange. Whatever we receive from God is according to our faith. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the key to having strong faith, found in John 4.


Luke 22:31-34

Strength in Times of Crisis Outline and Transcript

Now more than ever, we need a contagious epidemic of holy boldness and courageous Christians. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares four things to remember in times of crisis, so that we may live with courage and confidence in Jesus Christ.

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