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Genesis 1:27

How to Prepare Kids for Marriage Outline and Legacy Collection

Marriage is the most vital and meaningful human relationship we could ever enter into; yet it seems obtaining a marriage license is the most flippant, accessible process to date. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares how we can properly prepare our kids for marriage, the highest human relationship to which we could ever commit.


Deuteronomy 5:18

What Fathers Should Teach Their Children About Sex Outline and Legacy Collection

Deuteronomy 5:18 states that we should not commit adultery, yet our world has mainstreamed sexual immorality; by all appearances, it will only get worse. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares what Scripture says about moral purity, and what fathers should teach their children about sex.


Hebrews 11:23-27

Beware the Kidnapper Outline and Legacy Collection

Every day, our children’s minds, allegiance, love and souls are being snatched away by the great kidnapper, Satan. We cannot ignore this present danger. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares the great kidnapper’s four points of attack and encourages us to raise our children by faith.


Psalm 127

Home on the Rock Outline and Legacy Collection

Our homes are not happenstances; they comprise supreme relationships and require unconditional commitment. Jesus Christ holds the keys to a fruitful home. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares four insights from Psalm 127 to help us build our homes on the Rock, so they will last.


Titus 2:11

Living in the Light of the Blessed Hope Outline, Transcript and Legacy Collection

In these increasingly dark days, we may wonder if there is hope for us. As believers, we can live in the light of the blessed hope that Jesus Christ is coming again. In this message, Adrian Rogers describes what this hope means for us, as we anticipate Christ’s return.


1 Thessalonians 1:7-10

Waiting for Jesus Outline, Transcript and Legacy Collection

While we wait for Jesus to come back, we must also remember the wrath that is to come. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares insight on the Great Tribulation, and what we can do as we wait for Christ’s return.


Matthew 24:1-14

Signs of the Times Outline, Transcript and Legacy Collection

Mankind has always been fascinated with knowing the future; our only reliable source of prophecy is the Word of God. In Matthew 24, Jesus prophesied His return to Earth, offering signs of the times. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares eight signs that indicate the beginning of the end.


Revelation 1:12-13

666 vs. 777 Outline and Legacy Collection

Our God is a God of order and design; all of creation and numerical law is written into the Universe. In this message, Adrian Rogers deciphers what Revelation says about the numbers the warn us about the End Times.


Revelation 1:3

A Panorama Of Prophecy Outline and Legacy Collection

The stage is set, and the curtain is ready to be drawn back on the drama of the ages. Things are about to unfold, and we are living in the beginning of the end. In this message from 2 Thessalonians, Adrian Rogers reveals three tremendous truths about the soon coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Revelation 13:1-18

The Nature of the Beast Outline, Transcript and Legacy Collection

Revelation 13 unveils the man, the Antichrist, who will rise to power during the Great Tribulation. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals the nature of this beast to help us understand the darkness to come.

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