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1 Peter 3:10

Christian World View Sermon Outline

As Bible-believing Christians, our worldview affects everything in life. Yet we live in a society hostile toward our views. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains five basic principles of our Christian worldview and how to articulate biblical truth in a post-Christian society.


Exodus 20:14

The Key to a Magnificent Marriage Outline and Transcript

The key to a magnificent marriage is found in Exodus 20:14, which reveals: “You shall not commit adultery.” In this message, Adrian Rogers explains our responsibility as Christians, whether or not we’re married, so the next generation can know God’s plan for marriage.


Exodus 20:13

Families That Choose Life Outline and Transcript

Exodus 20:13 reveals the sixth commandment: "You shall not murder." Life is God’s wonderful gift that we might choose to enjoy. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals three ways our families can choose life in the face of death and deception.


Exodus 20:8-12

How to Make the Rest Day the Best Day Outline and Transcript

In an age of advanced technology to save time and energy, we are quite a hurried and restless people, plagued by speed and noise. God’s remedy for a restless home is the day of rest: the Sabbath. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals how to make the rest day the best day.


Exodus 20:12

Has the Nuclear Family Bombed? Outline and Transcript

God created the nuclear family; but with the world in this current state, we may be tempted to ask ourselves: Has the nuclear family bombed? In this message, Adrian Rogers shares five ways to parent our children that are worthy of honor and respect in this treacherous day and age.


Exodus 20:7

The Name Above All Names Outline and Transcript

The Ten Commandments were given for our good and welfare. One of these commandments instructs us not to take the Lord’s name in vain. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains how to take the Lord’s name in victory, as we teach our children to honor the Name Above All Names.


Exodus 20:4

Learning Family Worship Outline and Transcript

The Ten Commandments are wonderful laws to live by, for all time, eternal and universal. When we build our families upon them, they become our strength. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals what true worship is, so we can teach our children who God is and why we believe in Him.


Hebrews 10:36

Patience Sermon Outline

We live in a society of instant gratification, so much so, most of us are out of the habit of waiting. But so many times, there is a period of waiting between asking and receiving. In this message, Adrian Rogers explains the importance of patience, and what to do in the waiting.


Titus 2:14-15

The Dangers of Extremism Sermon Outline

Every Christian is in need of a passionate love for the Lord Jesus Christ that overflows into service and worship. However, the cause of Christ has been deeply hurt by extremists and their misguided zeal. In this message, Adrian Rogers shares the dangers of extremism and the beauty of God’s grace.


1 Corinthians 15:9-10

Freedom From the Performance Trap Outline and Legacy Collection

Many of us believe the lie that God will only accept us on the basis of our performance. But this idea is the opposite of grace and faith in Jesus. In this message, Adrian Rogers reveals how grace grants us freedom from the performance trap.

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