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Flawed Appetites And Fatal Attractions March 11, 2015

" James 1:12-15, 17-19 (­Program: 3413, Air date 08.25.2013) INTRODUCTION Victimology is what we practice in our society today, where nobody wants to take the blame or any personal responsibility. The “blame game” is as old as the Garden...

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Learning To Share Jesus March 11, 2015

" Psalm 126:5,6 (­Program: 2437, Air date 09.15.2013) INTRODUCTION One way we can know that our relationship with Jesus is real is that we have a desire to share our faith with others. We’re told not merely to keep the faith, but to sha...

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Let The Fire Fall March 11, 2015

" 1 Kings 18:22 (­Program: 2478, Air date 10.13.2013) INTRODUCTION (1 Kings 18:22) The days of 1Kings 18 were dark days in Israel: days of apostasy, apathy, and horrible sin. The prophet Elijah told the people to make up their minds and...

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How To Enjoy The Presence Of God March 11, 2015

" Exodus 33:1-2 (­Program: 1974, Air dates 11.10.2013 & 11.17.2013) INTRODUCTION Worship is enjoying the presence of God. Some of the most frightening words in the Bible are found in Exodus 33:1-3, where God gave the children of Israel ...

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When The Spirit Speaks March 11, 2015

" John 16:7-11 (­Program: 2318, Air date 11.24.2013) THE TRUTH ABOUT THE SINNER’S BASIC PROBLEM (John 16:9) Man is a sinner because of what he is. Ephesians 2:3 We are sinners not only for what we have done but for what we are capable of...

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His Unequaled Birth March 11, 2015

" Luke 1 - 2 (Program: 4813, Air date: 12.01.2013) THE SACRED MYSTERY OF HIS BIRTH (Luke 1:31-38) Mary did not understand how she would be pregnant with Jesus. Luke 1:34 The angel told her that nothing was impossible with God. Luke 1:37...

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Christian Warfare March 11, 2015

" Ephesians 6:10-20 (Program: 2169 Air dates: 2.9.2014 & 2.16.14) INTRODUCTION We are part of a spiritual war: a war between light and darkness, good and evil, Heaven and Hell, and Christ and Satan. As Christians, we are Heaven-born and ...

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