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The Crucifixion Of King Self April 19, 2017

Philippians 2:1-11 (Program: 3714, Air date: 09.14.2014) INTRODUCTION King Self was born a king. We are all by nature self-centered. We need a mind transplant; we need the mind of Christ. THE MIND OF CHRIST IS A SELFLESS MIND. (Phil...

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The Day Death Died April 13, 2017

" 1 Corinthians 15:20-26, 54-58 (­Program 2143, Air date 03.31.2013) INTRODUCTION Death is a fact, and death is a foe; but death is a defeated foe. 1 Samuel 20:3 The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ defeated death. 1 Cori...

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The Wake Up Call February 22, 2017

" (Romans 13:11-14) (RA-2082, Program: 0917, air date: 02.26.17) INTRODUCTION We need to wake-up: the enemy is upon us. Romans 13:11-14 America today is in a moral free-fall. THE WAKE-UP CALL It's late in the age. Romans 13:12 It's l...

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The Secret To Effectual Prayer February 15, 2017

" Romans 11:36 (RA-2072, Program: 0817, Air date: 02.19.17) INTRODUCTION There is a “divine triangle” in Scripture that brings things into being and is at the center of effectual prayer. Romans 11:36 “Of Him” God is the source of all th...

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Three Miracle Births December 14, 2016

" John 3:1-7 (Program 2450, Air date 12.18.11 & 12.25.11) THE DEFICIENCY OF THE NATURAL BIRTH John 3:6 Nicodemus was born into the natural world; therefore he was bound to sinful world because he was born with a sinful nature. Psalm 51:5...

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Family Faithfulness August 24, 2016

" INTRODUCTION Matthew 19:1-9 MARRIAGE IS MADE BY HEAVEN Matthew 19:4-5 Leave: speaks of the priority of marriage Matthew 19:5 MARRIAGE MAY BE MARRED BY HELL Matthew 19:1-3 Matthew 19:7-9 Hosea 1 Ephesians 5:25 Titus 2:4 Romans 5:5 MA...

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Things That Make For Peace August 3, 2016

"(Romans 14:19) (RA2084 ~ Program:3216, Air date 08.07.2016) INTRODUCTION Romans 14:19 UNITY IS A MATTER OF LORDSHIP Romans 14:9 It is not a matter of diets Romans 14:1-3 It is not a matter of days Romans 14:5 Romans 15:7 Romans ...

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There Is A New World Coming July 27, 2016

" (2 Peter 3:6) (RA2322 ~ Program: 3116, Air date 07.31.2016) INTRODUCTION Mark Twain Story There will be a new birth for planet earth Three Worlds mention PAST WORLD – DESTROYED BY FLOOD (II Peter 3:3-6) A Created World (Vs 5) God...

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A Prayer For America July 13, 2016

" Daniel 9:1-8(Program 2311DVD, Airing on 9-19 & 9-26) INTRODUCTION Prayer is our greatest resource. God is our sure defense and our hope. God does bring judgment upon sin. Only believing, repenting prayer can hold back the floodtides of...

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