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How To Prepare For Persecution May 26, 2016

" Matthew 5:10-14 (Program 1998DVD, Airing on 05.30.10) INTRODUCTION (Matthew 5:10-14) One of the signs that we are living in the last days is the persecution of the church. (Luke 21:12) 2 Timothy 3:12 The only way to escape persecution ...

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The Family Of God May 13, 2016

" (Phillipians 1:1-6) (Program 2164, Air date 05.15.2016 & 05.22.2016) THE SUPERNATURAL FORMATION OF THE CHURCH (Philippians 1:1-6) Matthew 16:18 The restraint of the Spirit Acts 16:6-7 Psalm 37:23 The Release of the Spirit Acts 16:...

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When Parents Pray May 6, 2016

" Print outline Matthew 7:7-11 (Program 2225DVD, Airing on 05.09.10) THREE KEY WORDS: ASK, SEEK, KNOCK Ask—desire expressed Why do we pray? Not to impress God Not to inform God We pray to invite God Fellowship factor—fellowship with...

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Joseph, A Portrait Of Jesus March 10, 2016

" (RA2251 ~ ­Programs: 1116 & 1216, Air dates: 03.06.2016 & 03.13.2016) Joseph in the Old Testament is an illustration, an example, a picture of the Lord Jesus Christ, not by accident, but by Divine Providence. Joseph as the beloved so...

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The Problem With Pride February 11, 2016

" Proverbs 16:18 (Program: 2223, Air date: 11.9.2014) WHAT PRIDE IS NOT: Pride is not a good self-image. Humility is not thinking lowly of ourselves; it is not thinking of ourselves. Luke 18:9-14 John 13:3-5 Pride is not gratefulness ...

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The Root Of Bitterness February 5, 2016

" Hebrews 12:14-15 (Program 2236, Air date 02.03.2013) THE GERMINATION OF BITTERNESS Colossians 3:19 The seed of bitterness is a hurt. The hurt may be intentional. The hurt may be unintentional. The hurt may be imagined. The hurt may be...

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Why The Cross? December 2, 2015

" (Program 2189, Airing on 12.23.07) THE SUBSTITUTIONARY PURPOSE OF THE CROSS (1 Peter 3:18) THE SUFFERING PASSION OF THE CROSS (1 Peter 3:18) The emotional suffering (Luke 22:41-44) The physical suffering The spiritual suffering (Isai...

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The High Cost Of Low Living October 15, 2015

" 2 Samuel 11 (Program 1978DVD, Air dates 10.2.11 and 10.9.11) INTRODUCTION David was a man after God’s own heart. Acts 13:22 David was: A king A poet A mighty warrior Humble Brave Noble 1 Samuel 26:23 Yet David fell into deep, dark, ...

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Sharing The Light October 1, 2015

" Acts 10:34-44 (Program: 4015, Air date: 10.04.2015) INTRODUCTION What would you say if someone were to invite you over to his or her house to explain why you believe what you believe? That is the story of Cornelius. Cornelius was a...

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