Share Your Faith

"A light that does not shine, a spring that does not flow, a seed that does not grow is no more strange than a life in Christ that does not witness.”

Pastor Adrian Rogers

Share Your Faith

We at LWF are passionate about sharing the Gospel with others. Take the steps below to be equipped to share your faith and then join us on our mission to reach the world.

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Be Inspired

Greg and Karla Eilert had a story to tell through Karla’s struggle with ALS. Using only her eyes, Karla wrote a letter sharing the Gospel with her friends and loved ones. For a more complete story from the Eilerts, a picture of the real Karla, and a copy of her letter, click here. Please also consider sharing your story of faith using the option below the video.

Take Action

Go through an interactive online course that will teach you how to be a witness!

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Share Your Faith