How do I start a conversation about Jesus?

There's no specific formula for starting a conversation about Jesus. The key is simply to ask God for opportunities and then take them as God brings them to you.

The reality is that there are probably more opportunities to talk about Jesus than you realize! Listen closely as your friends, coworkers, and neighbors talk about what's happening in their lives.

Every person desperately needs Jesus, and that shows in different ways. Maybe a friend is struggling with deep sadness and needs the comfort Jesus offers. Maybe a coworker feels guilty about something and needs the forgiveness Jesus gives. Or maybe one of your neighbors feels deep unhappiness with life and needs the joy of Jesus.

Now, to be clear, Jesus doesn't exist just to meet people's needs. But those kinds of situations open the door for introducing people to the person they need most: Jesus Christ. Ask them if they know Jesus and if they'd like to know more about Him. Trust the Holy Spirit to take the conversation from there. 

Watch this video as a helpful tool: Come to Jesus