How to Discover Your Spiritual Gift

Romans 12:6

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: Romans 12:6

A spiritual gift is not a natural talent, but it is a supernatural ability.

First, to discover what our spiritual gifts are, we must make ourselves living sacrifices to God. We must voluntarily give Him all that we are and take our hands off of our own lives. We must also recognize that our lives do not belong to us but first belong to Jesus and then to one another.

We cannot be afraid to present ourselves as living sacrifices to Him. As people who belong to Jesus, we must stay put on the altar through discipline and devotion. Only then is there a complete transformation. Jesus becomes our inner nature and works from within. We will never understand our spiritual gifts without the mind of Christ—a renewed mind. Only then can we know our individual spiritual gifts. When He renews our minds, we must think with it. And then…we must begin.

We do not have to know the answers before we begin to serve, just as one cannot steer a ship if it is not moving. No one has all the gifts, but every believer has at least one. This is shared participation, and if we are not each fulfilling the purpose for which God put us in this body, we are harmful and hurtful to it.

Consequently, we must begin somewhere and learn to be busy with the faith we have before it has a chance to grow.

Apply it to your life

Today, let’s get started. Ask yourself what your church’s greatest need is, and how you can be of best use. As you are exploring and figuring out where you fit in the body, be open to things you may not see as “glamorous.”

As Adrian Rogers says, “Availability is the greatest ability.” Seek out opportunities to serve, and get activated. When we get involved, we will get a confirmation that is proof of God’s will and the assigned spiritual gift in our hearts.

As we learn more about these gifts and watch how God uses them in us to serve one another in the body, we will want to give even more of ourselves back to Him, seeing their true values in a much deeper way.

This is how God is glorified and the church is strengthened.