You Are Somebody in His Body

1 Corinthians 12:12-18

Adrian Rogers

Sermon Overview

Scripture Passage: 1 Corinthians 12:12-18

The Body of Christ is not a building, it is not an establishment or an organization; rather, it is an organism—a collection of Believers with a mutual love for Jesus Christ and a desire to serve Him. It is the visible part of the invisible Jesus—the living, breathing display of his redemptive power and love for mankind.

The Body is meant to serve the Person (that “Person” being Jesus Christ). The day we became born-again Christians, we received the Holy Spirit, and also received “birthday gifts”—spiritual gifts given to us with the purpose of serving one another in the Body.

Each spiritual gift has a specific role in the body, just as each part of a physical body has a specific role. As an eye sees, a hand holds, and a heart beats, our spiritual gifts are meant to accomplish something for the sake of the Body as it serves the Person.

We as Christians are meant to operate alongside one another. God has designed it where no one part of the Body can function as it ought apart from the others. We must love the Body as Jesus loved the Body. We must walk in unity, undivided, remaining loyal to one another, because in our loyalty to each other, we prove our desire to remain loyal to Jesus.

Apply it to your life

Perhaps, you are an eye to see things as Jesus sees them, a hand to cradle broken things for Jesus, a heart to love people for Jesus, or a shoulder to bear the burden of your brothers and sisters. Whatever your gift may be, it was given to you for a reason, and that reason has everything to do with the Body of Christ.

Today, pray that the Lord would reveal your role in the Body and that you may be bold enough to share your availability with others and accept the responsibility of contributing to the Body—whether it is as simple as listening to someone who is hurting or agreeing to serve where you are needed in your church community. And remember: when we serve one another, we are ultimately serving Jesus.